Truth's Traveling BootCamp: NEW Features!

Truth's Traveling BootCamp: NEW Features!

from 1,249.00

NEW Features! Now Includes!

  • All Bootcamps are One on One unless a special request is made!

  • 1 Hour Skype Debrief!

  • 1-3 Page Evaluation And Written Game Plan!

Imagine the Truth traveling to you wherever you are in the USA and spending over 20 hours over a weekend coaching and teaching you exactly what you need to do and say to get quality women into your life, in the location of your choice. Wanna learn dating communications in The Big Apple? Want some fun in the sun in VA Beach? Wanna take Vegas? Or maybe you want to learn dating communications in your home city? Wherever you decide, Truth will take care of you.

An hour long in-field lecture at the venue gives you the theory, then Truth accompanies you coaching and winging you as you interact with beautiful women from your chosen city, all the while honing the skills you will need to learn how to attract quality women in any situation.

In-field is where Truth demonstrates, right in front of your eyes, how the world’s best dating coaches approach and pick up beautiful women.

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