Men's Dating D.C Bootcamp

Men's Dating D.C Bootcamp

from 999.00

NEW Features! Now Includes!

  • All Bootcamps are One on One unless a special request is made!

  • 1 Hour Skype Debrief!

  • 1-3 Page Evaluation And Written Game Plan!

Imagine having the dating life you always dreamed of after only 3 nights. 

Bootcamp is TRM's most popular program where over the course of 3 nights of coaching you will be taught all of the skills and tools necessary when it comes to dating and attracting women. 

You will leave Bootcamp feeling transformed and will be able to live a dating life you always dreamed of!

Bootcamp is composed of an interactive seminar where you will be taught the theory and psychology behind attracting women followed by live coaching and winging at some of the hottest venues in D.C

Specifically you will be taught:

  • Defeating approach anxiety

  • Learning how to flirt and never running out of things to say 

  • Knowing where you are at each stage of the interaction and what to do next

  • How to kiss a girl and the proper way to use physical escalation

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