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How To Do The Best You Can With What You've Got

Humans have mirror neurons in our foreheads, which is how we have empathy, mirror each other and take social cues. So whenever we look at a human face we unconsciously mirror the expression. If we see smiling we smile, that’s how smiling and yawning are unconscious. We smile at smiling (genuine smiling, which recruits the eye muscles), even if it is for a nano second. And so we feel good, and want to look at that face more.

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How To Date Hotter Girls

You have “approach anxiety” factory installed in your software (fear of approaching attractive women, it’s an instinct, the more attractive the woman the bigger the fear.) Which will not go away by itself, or even ever. It makes sense because you could approach that super-model but what if her 7ft 500 Ibs, super muscular, MMA, WWE, boy-friend sees? Obviously he and his friends will murder you. While all the other women in the world watch it on social media and laugh at you. And even if you survive, the women will all make a pact never to sleep with you. So better not even approach her, stick with the 5s or 6s or better yet marry the first girl that will sleep with you.

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High Powered Women And Dating: Thoughts For The Dater And Datee

Even when your assertive problem-solving behavior works wonders at work and brings you huge amounts of respect, money, acclaim etc, that same behavior that cows men in the work place and makes them want to follow you, will make them want to run for the hills in your dating life.

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