Loneliness, What is it Good for?

11.23.17 ThanksGiving
Loneliness What is it good for?

Hello Illuminati, I got broken up with and I am alone this Thanksgiving as I am sure a lot of you guys are as well. If not be thankful.
Of course I don't feel great about it, but I also know if I put my mind to it, I can get any girl I want.
Before I learnt how to start relationships, I used other strategies to cope with loneliness, numbing myself with alcohol, feeling sorry for myself, finally I decided on a third option.
Acceptance. I accepted I was alone, I accepted the sadness, which allowed me to stop bitching, get mad, and decide to do something about it.
I turned it from an anchor around my neck, to fuel for the fire I set under my ass.
I dreamed of being strong so I woke up at 6 everyday and worked-out and ran.
I dreamed of being capable, so I got black belts in Judo and Karate.
I dreamed of being able to get any girl, so I used my communications degree and studied every book the 'Game' recommended and a lot it didn't, forwards and backwards.
I dreamed of being surrounded by hotness, to use my new super-powers so I got into acting school in New York, twice. 
In conclusion the next time you feel alone, be thankful, that feeling is directing you to solve that problem. 
Be thankful there is still time to be the kind of man you want to be.