This Is Your Life And It’s Ending One Moment At A Time Or Please Embrace The Rejection

This Is Your Life And It’s Ending One Moment At A Time Or Please Embrace The Rejection

You’re out! You’re dressed, awesome. You worked out and meditated, maybe you had a sip or dozen of something that relaxes you.

You approach the entrance of the bar and you see her, goodness she’s beautiful with that beautiful body type that you like, the facial features that you like and her hair is that length and color that you like. She’s dressed in that way that makes you feel warm, like she would be perfect for you. Her shoes are cute, you look back up to her face and she’s looking right at you.

You look around and there’s no one there, she has the ghost of a smile on her lips as she holds eye contact with you. 

You freeze, what’s worse is she’s watching you freeze, you want to look away but know that’s some how worse. What now?

  1. Smile

  2. Start walking, yes I know your mind is blank, start walking towards her anyway.

She stops and watches you approach.

  1. Stop a few feet in front of her.

  2. Open your mouth and say something. Try “you made my mind go blank…”.

Lame? Maybe. She could walk away. But as it turns out what women want is to feel something, anything, strongly. So try

“…Because I wasn’t ready for you.”


Ever wonder why some women you approach and some women you don’t?  The reason is your conscious mind never sees the whole picture, but your unconscious mind does.

I’m not saying chase every beautiful woman down and I’m not saying use every excuse in the book not to approach. What I am saying, is knowing what you want is a way to short-circuit the fear response in your brain and a way to harness your testosterone to make you engage.

If a random guy approached you and started slapping you, how many times would he hit you before you responded aggressively?

Once? Twice? You get the picture.

  1. Write a 1-10 list of the physical and mental attributes of women that you are most attracted to, put it in your phone or wallet.

  2. Stop jerking off or limit it to once a week.

  3. Work out

  4. Dress well

  5. Go out at least 4x a week, it doesn’t always have to be a bar or club, it could be for food, a show or just chilling in the park.

  6. Before you go out, go over your list.

  7. Get pictures of celebs or models, that look like your list and put them up somewhere you will see.

  8. Make a 1-10 list of hard accomplishments you have achieved. If you can do all that, why is walking up to a girl and speaking such a big deal?

How does the list work?

Well now you know what you are looking for. Your conscious and unconscious mind are going to constantly be looking for ‘her’ and when you see her, both will spring into action.

Your unconscious by crunching logistics, anxiety, and prepping you to open in the best way possible for you.

Your conscious by not giving you any wiggle room to use excuses, such as ‘nah I’m busy’, your conscious will straight up tell you “That’s her, this is the moment, let’s go!”

If you chicken out on the first pass, that’s fine, keep trying because you’re not leaving till you talk to her. After all no one is making you, or telling you to go talk to her, this is what you want.

That said, she can see you waffling, and this will make her doubt herself, so the interaction may be up in the air, but that’s fine as long as you make yourself go in. Because like sex, after the first time, the second will be easier, then the third, the fourth and before you know it you will be able to open at will.

Will you still be nervous? Of course you will, but you will have learned to deal with the fear, like a veteran fighter about to enter the cage. Is the fighter scared of course he is! But he also knows this is the moment he has been visualizing and training for, his whole life.

You’re no different. 

Going in, should be its own reward. So reward yourself for going in, anything you pick. Oh I almost forgot, maybe, just maybe, she might like you back and bring unimaginable joy to your life.

All because you prepped (like Batman) put one foot in front of the other (like a warrior) stopped a few feet from her, (because you are gentle and respect personal space) looked into her eyes, (because you are not afraid) and opened your mouth and spoke. (To help her and you, because she can’t approach you herself).

Note* Yes I know women can approach you if they want to, but if you choose to wait for that, you might as well go back home and read 100 more books, buy 50 more RSD products and watch at least 25 more In field videos.

Also, wait till you have made at least a million dollars,

Grown till you are 6 foot

Lift till you have the body of Arnold in his hey day 

and bought a Lambo-Rari.

NOTE: Nothing against RSD I’m sure they’re a fine company.

No? Then maybe make a list, grab a buddy and make your way to somewhere where girls are! Don’t have a buddy that’s any good, maybe find a coach, but this study forever B.S is not going to work without putting stuff into practice.

It’s like spending years on a business plan, without ever having made a sale. It makes no sense, because “no plan survives contact with the enemy” Meaning you’re going to have to adapt ALL the knowledge you have, to the realities of the battle field. The better you are at that, the better you will be.

Keyboard-jockeys or knowledge-hoarders are like a guy learning martial arts online, it’s all fun and games, till you lose an eye, because you were forced into an actual fight.

Maybe it’s time to face the actual problem. You’re scared of rejection.

At the end of the day there is and will always be, only one solution and that’s being brave.

So let’s cut to the chase and not waste years of our reproductive life.

Bravery is not the absence of fear, it’s feeling it and moving forward anyway.

So maybe walk up and say “I’m deciding to be brave today.”

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