How To Reduce Women 'Flaking' On Dates

Time Bridge Right Or You May Never See Her Again

A number exchange with no specific plans to meet is a waste of both of your time, your’s and her’s.

Anyone can talk to anyone, but if you don’t time-bridge properly, the probability of starting a relationship with a woman you don’t know, quickly drops to zero. This is common-sense and this is proper game, the shift in focus to same night lays, make outs and social media only obfuscates this fact. This makes sense, pleasure now is much more exciting and stopping a magical interaction to make an appointment can seem like a sacrifice. After all you are both there, now.

Time-Bridge: A definition

A time-bridge is a plan you and the woman have to see each other at a certain time in the future. Not to be confused with exchanging numbers and giving a generic “We should do something soon” Time-Bridges are specific.

A number exchange with no concrete plans made, is a waste of both of your time.

Time-bridging: A definition

This refers to your ability to create a future scenario, both you and the woman want and actively seek to come to pass. As opposed to a future scenario you call and ask her to later, when she has multiple new options, is unsure of your intentions, and you are the only one fighting to make the meet happen. Instead you want to create a situation where you are both, striving to see each other again. This makes the meet much more likely to happen.

Why Time-Bridging should be your focus.

However your ability to sacrifice short-term pleasure for a long term relationship will be the key factor in you seeing her again.

  1. You and her can have an amazing interaction but you can still never see her again if you time-bridge badly.

Make no mistake women still flake for whatever reason even if you time bridge properly, but if you don’t time bridge properly you are removed from the running. I.e You are no longer even seen as a viable option. Think about it, a woman of even average attractiveness has options and if your actions don’t show that you are a serious and real option, even if she wants that option i.e YOU, she will still pick a safer bet. It’s human nature.

2. Correct time-bridging helps attractors.

An attractor is a man that is good at attracting women, but not so good at building comfort or rapport. Resulting in women being drawn to him, but not feeling comfortable enough around him to want to further the relationship.


Time-bridging helps with this by telling the woman that you do indeed want to see her again and are willing to put in the effort to do so, allowing her to build rapport with you and feel comfortable with you over time.

3. Correct time-bridging helps comfort-builders.

A comfort-builder is a man that is good at making women (and others) feel comfortable around him. They are experts at building rapport, listening and empathy, however they lack the boldness of risking rejection, which ironically prevents a woman from feeling an attractive spark, simply because she is not given the option of choosing or rejecting him as a potential mate.

Time-bridging helps with this, because in the process and effort of creating a time-bridge with her, a comfort builder overtly shows his attraction to the woman he is building the bridge with, which is often times, the only moment during the interaction the woman has an inkling the comfort-builder “likes” her and see’s her as a potential mate.

4. Correct time-bridging escalates sexual tension

This one is counter-intuitive, but I have workshopped it myself countless times. I have found that after a successful time-bridge, one where the woman (in the moment) is excited for the ‘date’ she will inevitably travel into the future in her mind’s eye and experience her prediction of the date, it only takes a second, but when she returns, if the ‘date’ was amazing, her attraction to and comfort with you will deepen. The logic being, ‘her good feelings from the future date are running through her body now, so why wait to like you more?’

Time-bridging and NOT, make-outs, or same night lays are my singular goal, now in my interactions with women I am attracted to. Simply because I have found time-bridging is the fastest most efficient path to both.


A woman with absolutely no intention of ever seeing you again will still feel more attracted to and closer to you, for having made a time-bridge with her and letting her see the future with you. And if she knows she can’t or won’t see you again, it makes it easier for her to justify sexually escalating with you.

Plus time-bridging to escalate allows the woman agency (choice) when it comes to deciding just how she wants to ‘deal’ with you. 

5. Correct time-bridging alleviates some social pressure

Say a woman is with friends and or family, and you just happened to run into her, you don’t have hours to build attraction and comfort or indeed to escalate in any way. However you can open, demonstrate higher value, and quickly mine the interaction for time-bridge opportunities or indeed have several at the ready.

A phone number with a plan to meet again, will always trump, (lol) a naked phone number. People invite other people to events all the time, even strangers. E.g I invite strangers i.e beautiful women to my plays all the time. So it’s not as weird to walk up and invite a stranger to an event as it is to ask a stranger for their phone number with your only reason being you are attracted to them.

6. Always Have Fun activities to invite people to or, Live a Life

Put simply do cool stuff, do enough cool stuff regularly enough that you can invite multiple people to, on a regular basis. The world is your oyster when it comes to this e.g


  1. Free shows: They are happening in your city as we speak, research them based on your preference and invite girls to them.

2. Do you perform? Invite women to come watch, encourage them to bring their friends, so they can all remark what a ‘catch’ you are.

3. Have the hookup to a hot night spot? Invite girls to that! Congratulations you are now a promoter! lol.

4. Know about a cool event that isn’t public knowledge? Invite women to that.

5. Have a hobby or sport, you can invite her to watch or even better take part in? Invite women to that.

6. Ever throw parties? No? Start! There is nothing quite like having a half dozen beautiful women hanging out in your apartment vying for your interest. Call it a pre-game or a hang-out or a rager, set it at your place, a restaurant, a bar, a club, the beach, wherever, same result.

7. Time-bridge with multiple women a week to maximize your dating and minimize the problem of women flaking.

People flake, it’s what they do, especially now when communication is so instant and people are spoilt for choice and always looking for a better deal. Don’t take flaking personally, people most often flake on themselves.

Instead using the theory that ‘You can’t control anything but yourself.’ Take flaking into consideration and plan accordingly.

Most importantly DO NOT take flaking personally, being PISSED and or DISAPPOINTED over having your time wasted by a stranger only HURTS you!

So in order to minimize the effects of flaking make multiple dates over the same week and stack them, that way if a date Saturday afternoon falls through, you have one Saturday evening. etc.

If you are feeling really confident you can double book, yes just like in the old sit-coms, except instead of going back and forth between women you have both show up at the same time and see what happens. This is an advanced situation.

By booking multiple dates over a week, at worst if you have 10 dates, 9 will fall through and you see one woman, at best you see 10 women in one week and can better choose which one or ones you want to pursue.

8. Don’t Forget Rescheduling

Sometimes, just sometimes, stuff actually DOES come up, what sucks is you really have no way of knowing if a woman that breaks a date with you had a legitimate reason or if something she saw as better came up.

This is yet another reason not to get bent out of shape for being flaked on. She may legitimately want to see you, and if you are cool towards her when she is hot for you, you will discourage her.


A three strike rule is fair, if she breaks three dates, she is stringing you along and probably has no intention of seeing you, no matter what she says. This will help you keep your sanity, enthusiasm and attraction to her, three things you absolutely need for a good relationship. So reschedule away, staying positive, up beat and unaffected.

9. Logistics

  1. After time-bridging, texts are fine, but at some point you have to call her. Some women do not see you as real till they have heard your voice, and had a ‘good’ conversation with you. A good time to call is a day before, if she is young, let her know you are going to voice call her and ask her for a good time. This is an excellent way to gauge her interest in showing up and not flaking.

  • If you can’t even get her on the phone for a voice call, there is a good chance she will not show up, this is where most guys on Tinder and Bumble fail.

2. Hammer out times, the meeting place, what to wear and what to expect, and what you want to do after.

No, this is not very sexy but, it helps her plan the night, and if there is something that women love it’s plans, even the one’s that claim to be spontaneous.


Point being: Leave the spontaneity up to her. Plan the day 2 into the ground, especially the parts that are “spontaneous” e.g “Oh no the coffee shop closed in under an hour and we are still having a blast, want to come have a drink at my place?”

10. Conclusion: You can master time-bridging even if you are a beginner.

All it takes is practice, imagination and the ability to work a calendar. Did you find this blog, useful? Want to learn more or need a coach to help you better time-bridge or help you in the myriad of skills needed to date effectively? Contact me I offer phone consultations for prospective clients outside of DC and FREE 1 Hour Bootcamps to interested clients in DC, daily. Link below.

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