Truth's Personal Going out Routine Or It is easier to take a girl home in DC than it is to make her your girl-friend

Truth’s Personal Going Out Routine

“It is easier to take a girl home in DC, than it is to get her to date you.”

-Gori Olufon

  1. Go out early 8.30pm-9.00pm

       a. You meet people while they are sober

       b. You better adjust to the mood of the night. If you have ever gone to a ‘rager’ late and been sober while everyone was nuts, you know what I mean, the rest of you take my word for it.

c. Opening girls can be a first come, first served, enterprise. If you have ever opened a woman and, another guy comes back with drinks and you KNOW, they just met and aren’t friends. And she accepts his drink and he joins your set? Now you know why.

2. Play the ‘Hi’ Game to calibrate. To 10.


  1. Say ‘Hi’ or ask a question.

  2. Only verbal, audible responses count.

  3. If you are competing, the different players can not open the same women. Whoever gets a reply first gets the point.

  4. The game ends when all the players reach 10

  5. The winner gets to say what opener(s) the loser(s) uses all night.

‘I’m a little teapot…” complete with acting the song out is a favorite.

3. Greet the bouncer(s).

In The Venue

4. Self-Amuse 20-30 minutes


  1. People-watch and establish everyone’s relationships just by watching people and their body-language.

  2. Adjust your energy to that of the bar but slightly higher.

  3. Warm-up, talk, joke and flirt, but don’t rush, sit back read the room and…

  4. Find the women, at least three, that you want to meet, and observe them, this way when you meet them you know what to say.

  5. Dance by yourself: It shows a willingness to self-amuse, look silly and have fun.


  1. You’re constantly being watched, play a game of seeing who is watching you. (A little counter-intel game). Note: Having military bearing, standing up straight, observing your surroundings etc, is highly noticeable to people. Because most people are trapped in their own world…and slouch a lot.

  2. Peacocking will help because you will know exactly what they are looking at.

  3. Pay attention to which women come near you, that is never an accident. Especially the women that come near you and turn their backs to you, if she is directly opposite you, she wants to be ‘opened’.

  4. The 3 or more women you pay attention to, note why you are attracted to them.

  5. NOTE: Be completely ATTRACTED to the women you open, let yourself get carried away and be ‘ALL IN’.

Why? Because emotions are infectious, so if you’re ‘carried away’, she’s more likely to be ‘carried away’ as well. If you are ‘All IN’ she will follow you.

Time to work

5. The Question Opener

Your Question —->  Her Answer —> Your Reason + Stating your attraction

Attraction       —->  Response    —-> Comfort       + Attraction

The Question:

Use your observation skills to come up with a question that is so well thought out it sparks attraction. However if you can’t think of anything deep, ask the first thing that pops into your head. It is way better to say ’something’ than to say ‘nothing’. But….

The Follow Up:

Always have a follow up. That is, an explanation for why you asked, and add the reason you are attracted to her. This is the ‘hook’.

6. Mine the Convo for Time-Bridging Opportunities

The idea is to find her interests and match it to an event you can invite her to. 

E.g If she likes a certain kind of performance, mention that you will be going to one. Etc.

Gauge her interest  before you invite her, or even better wait till she mentions that she would love to go.

Talk to her more, build comfort , and invite her during a lull in conversation.

7. Conversation Tips

Tell a good practiced story.

Go back to the question and deepen why you are attracted to her, invite her to tell you why she is attracted to you.

Check her logistics. But whether they are good or bad ’STAY IN IT’. ‘Leave it all on the field’, you never want to think of the perfect thing to say or do, AFTER you have left.

8. Time-Bridging : Closing the Loop

If you can tell she wants to come with you to the event you suggest, invite her and get her number. Do not give her yours. Instead text her from your phone, in front of her. This makes you ‘real’ to her.

Note: It’s not over yet.

9. Escalate

Nothing crazy.

Hold hands, hug, arm around the waist. If she stares into your eyes, make out.

If it gets heavy say “my place or your’s” or “let’s get out of here.” Or if you want to set it up…

Routine: Let’s get out of here

Tell her, “Let’s get out of here” is the most said line in movies between love-interests. Ask her to think of every movie with a man and woman star and how they always say it. She’ll agree and then you say “Let’s get out of here”. (No I don’t know if that is true, but it sounds true :) )

NOTE: Don’t try to pull before the end of the night, or before she wants to leave.

10. Instant Time-Bridge Close

It’s the end of the night and you’ve struck out a bunch, it’s a little dead.

NOTE!!! It’s the calm before the storm! When the night is dead or dying this is the point in the night you should pay the MOST attention!

Beginners always give up too soon! Pay attention!

Note: The women that did their hair, work out, dressed nice, wearing uncomfortable clothes, didn’t come out not to talk to men (maybe some did) however 9 out of 10, they want to meet someone, they just don’t want to be approached by a jack-ass in a jack-ass-y way. (Yes, that is a technical term.)

Don’t approach like a pick-up artist, approach like a gentleman. This is the last chance of the night, don’t mess it up by being full of yourself.

And don’t approach half-heartedly, be all in. Women are GOOD at shaking off uncommitted guys. However if you are shut-down unequivocally, keep it moving.

Unequivocally: In a way that leaves no doubt.

Routine: Come to my Chateau

Literally approach like a gentleman, that is willing to be of service.

You: What are you doing tonight?

Her: Going home.

You: That’s too bad I was going to invite you to my chateau.

Her: Where is it?

You: Apparently in France

Her: *laughs*

That’s the place.

The time is now.

Now we need an activity that gives her plausible deniability.

You: We can have some food and smoke some ‘gange’

Note: That’s the thing to do. Never mention sex, unless she brings it up. If she does, go with it, it’s too late to be coy.

Routine: The Stand And Smile

See a girl you like, walk up close, but don’t approach. Simply wait and smile, till she notices you, then you open. It works because to her you waited till she gave you permission to open. 

Then go into the question opener, you thought of while you were standing and smiling.

This is my personal plan for when I go out. Guess I’ll have to make a new one.

Cheers! And good luck out there!

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