Getting Back Into Dating: Crash Course

Getting Back Into Dating Crash Course 1-10

  1. Always be in set. Never Isolate yourself.

By this I mean, never shut yourself off from your social life. It’s too difficult to get back in. So even if your are rebuilding, financially or super focused on work, you don’t get extra points for not talking to girls. Even Tinder or Bumble, you should be in daily contact with women, because going from being logical for months to communicating with emotions is hard.

2. Force yourself to go out. It will seem dumb, a waste of money, a waste of time etc. Because on the surface it kind of is. But it’s where you will meet people. And we all need people. We all get about 80 Summers.

3. Never assume you are rejected. Women are super feisty now, they will act like they are rejecting you, but it’s a screen to get rid of less confident men.

4. Don’t take shit from anyone. men or women.

5. Closed mouths don’t get fed. It’s better to open and crash and burn spectacularly than to not say anything.

6. If a pretty girl smiles at you open her, she may be far away it may be awkward just say “I had to come over and say hi” The awkwardness is another test.

7. It’s better to apologize for giving offense, then to just eject a set. Another test.

8. Girls want sex just as much as you do, your job is to take your education and put your desire into words she wants to hear.

9. What you do is way more important than what you wear, or what your status is.

10. When your mind tells you not to open a woman you are attracted to, is the signal to go in and open.