Dating Bootcamp In A Book. 2: READ!

Dating Bootcamp In a book. 2 READ

The fastest way to get more knowledge and wisdom is to read. Reading works because it is you teaching yourself using knowledge that is already laid out for you. Reading increases your success in anything exponentially if you actually use the knowledge.

Reading and studying three books on a subject effectively makes you an “expert”.

When I first began my journey on Dating communications, I became obsessed with reading and studying because I realized that was the fastest way for me to understand and succeed in dating.

These are my 10 favorite books on dating, they are where I got the most knowledge. 

  1. The Game by Neil Strauss (How dating works)

  2. The 48 laws of Power by Robert Green (How people work)

  3. The Art of Seduction, Robert Green (How seduction works)

  4. Malignant Self Love, Sam Vaknin ( Personal psychology)

  5. The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, Dr Joseph Murphy (Goals and psychology)

  6. Influence, Robert Cialdini (Influence)

  7. The Manipulated Man, Esther Vilar (Female psychology)

  8. The Definitive Book on Body language, Robert and Barbara Pease (Body Language)

  9. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, Tucker Max (Female psychology)

  10. The Mystery Method, Mystery (How dating works)

There are hundreds more that helped me, and you will begin to build your own library and body of knowledge based on your interests. Money on books is never wasted. I use a kindle.