Intern Wanted

Intern Wanted

  1. Sales experience

  2. Photo, Video and Editing experience

  3. Social Media experience

  4. Must have own car

  5. Must work weekends

  6. Pick up and winging experience a + but not necessary

  7. Will exercise daily

  8. Will read 2 books a month

  9. Has goal of becoming an Instructor

  10. In college a +


  1. Live a Rockstar Lifestyle

  2. Free coaching and winging by the Truth

  3. Commission on sales

  4. Earn money assisting and teaching game

  5. Meet all the women you could possibly want

  6. Leads to coaching job

  7. Learn to officially teach Truth method 

  8. Go on travel bootcamps

  9. Help men and women have better dating lives

  10. Real game adventures not just sarging in clubs (that’s just scratching the surface)

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