KISS: Beginner Dating Plan

KISS: Beginner Dating Plan

Skill Level: Beginner



Build Comfort.

Time Bridge.

Day 2.


This part is on you. Do you know what you want? Specifically?

If you don’t make a 1-10 list.


  1. American

  2. 25 or younger

  3. Wants kids

  4. Will move with me

  5. Works out

  6. Kind

  7. High sex drive

  8. Tall, lithe

  9. Red head

  10. Nice ass, large rack.

After that. Figure out where to find her. And what she wants.

Lol. Here’s what she wants.

  1. A guy that works out

  2. Has a job

  3. Has his own room

  4. Has transportation. (Uber counts)

  5. A guy that has career goals and follows them.

  6. A guy with hobbies, and that is good or getting good at them.

  7. A guy that has style

  8. A guy that can protect her, physically, emotionally, mentally. I.e Strong. Dominant. Brave. Kind. Reads.

  9. A guy that knows what he wants out of life, in a woman, and in his relationship(s)

  10. A guy with a plan, physical, financial, dating. 

That last part is where I come in, because NO ONE respects a man that doesn’t know what he’s doing.


This should take place with no effort. This can only be achieved with a plan and repetition.

Again this is where I come in.


This can most efficiently be achieved through self-knowledge of how you personally put others at ease and form rapport.

Attractors do it differently. Comfort-builders do it differently. (Reed my blog on Attractors and Comfort Builders)

Again this is where I come in.


This is how you create a seamless path to seeing her again. Gone are the days of just exchanging numbers or IG or God help me email.

If you think any of those things on their own is a win. You are on a path to lots of numbers and no dates. 

Because most girls will not respond or if she does her interest will quickly fizzle out.

Solution: Time Bridge right the first time. Mine commonalities in real time. Pick a future event in your life tailored to her and invite her.

That way she not only has a reason to respond, but is an active and willing participant in seeing you again.

Again this is where I come in.


Success! You are on your first date/hang out! You did the above steps perfectly! But now how do you, make out? Reconnect emotionally, physically? 

How do you impress upon her you are the guy she wants in bed? To date? Dare I say, to marry?

That is a very BIG question, too detailed to go into here so, say it with me….


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