Learn Your Own Capacity For Evil Or Evil Is As Evil Does

Learn Your Own Capacity For Evil, Before It Sneaks Up And Surprises You Or Someone Else Shows You Theirs

I abhor mental masturbation, thoughts should serve a purpose like everything else, so this is not that. We all have the capacity for the kind of amazing good, that brings the world together and we also all have the capacity for life shattering evil. Unfortunately and fortunately, most of us are too lazy to realize it.

Then there’s realizing your capacity for evil when you aren’t ready for it, crimes of passion, hate crimes, hate speech, racism, sexism, all the isms. Imagine saying something racist, surprising yourself, you didn’t know you felt that way. Imagine grabbing a gun and firing out of fear at an unarmed person that was not a threat. Imagine being in battle and being trained to kill, only to realize you ended the life of a counterpart of yourself that just happened to be born somewhere with a different flag.

I’m not a bleeding heart, (pun intended) I believe evil should be fought with everything we have, but I also believe in people. For me it’s not even cognitive dissonance.

Anyway, having your own capacity for evil foisted on you, or the capacity of evil of another, thrust upon you is what post traumatic stress is. According to Jordan Peterson Clinical Psychologist, professor and author, I’m paraphrasing—-obviously.

And his antidote to that is to stop being so sheltered and naive. Phrases like ‘I would never!’ ‘It’s never okay to!’ Censorship of all we as a society think about, but don’t want to think about, even the way death is treated people die everyday, but their bodies are covered up and spirited (pun unintended) out the back way.

Anyway time to land the plane. Don’t shrink away (in your own mind) from your capacity to do great harm to others, as though not hurting others is something you automatically do. Take strength from the fact it is a decision that you make everyday, because the day you take your capacity for evil for granted, is the day you take your capacity for good for granted and the next thing you know you’re the decision maker at an insurance company that sends a person that needs help home— to die because they couldn’t keep up with their premiums or you’re the head of a government that targets and harms the lives of groups of people simply because they are different from you or are from somewhere else. 

Obviously I’m talking about the Nazis, obviously. 

In conclusion, ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ is not a fucking bumper sticker, and if we all assume someone else is going to do it, then no one is going to do it. I’m saying vote, jk. No—- I’m saying you can’t complain if you do nothing and I’m saying you can’t solve a problem is you don’t know, don’t care or in this case, deny, it exists. The problem is Evil, F.Y.I

Safety first.


Gori Olufon