If Words are The Most Powerful Thing In The Universe, Lists Are How We Control Them

Making Lists Advanced. If Words are The Most Powerful Thing In The Universe, Lists Are How We Control Them

We have all heard the saying, ‘goals written down are more likely to be achieved’. It’s been scientifically proven, it has to do with the ‘reticular activation system’ in the brain, it is basically how you tell your subconscious, what you want. Your subconscious is your most powerful tool to achieve anything in life but most of us do not tap into it. Instead of controlling it we let it control us.

If your conscious mind is the part of the ‘iceberg’ (the tip) on top of the water you can see, your subconscious is the gigantic part under the water. It houses all your memories, remembered or not, every idea you have ever had and the underpinnings of your very personality, it also controls all the internal processes in your body that keep you alive, the stuff so complicated if you had to actively control them with your mind you would make a mistake and fail.

That said your subconscious works for your conscious, it does not accept fleeting orders but the orders that you focus on not once. not twice, but all the time. It won’t step in for a wish, or a New Year’s Resolution say, unless they are things you think about day in and day out without ceasing. That way it’s kind of like your parents when you say you want to do something with your life, it waits and sees if you are serious then and only then does it martial all it’s (your) resources to do ANYTHING in its power to make your dream happen, and it is extremely powerful. It’s how a child born naked can go on to make its mark on the world, it’s how Gates, Disney even Kanye did it.


An easy way to begin to martial this super power within you is by using lists of goals. Everything from the simple, ‘pick up eggs’ to the most complicated, ‘sending men and women to the moon’ has to be broken down into lists. This is why ‘words’ are the most powerful thing in the universe. Because it is through words we communicate to ourselves and others ,the most simple or most complicated concepts.

Start with a 1-10 list of what you want to achieve in a day. At first you might get 1-3 things done, if the list is difficult enough. You get a reward every time you cross something on the list of (for some reason, I have found this sensation to be strongest when the goals are written on paper.) This reward requires nothing but your own mind. It’s dopamine, it’s the pleasure that comes from achievement. If it’s a goal that connects you to others, then you get serotonin as well ‘the love hormone’ this gives you esteem.

Dopamine is what makes addictive things addictive, this comes from feeling achievement when you are not actually achieving anything, this is why nicotine, cocaine, alcohol, sex, heroin, junk food, gambling, money etc are so addictive.

Do this daily, over time you will start to cross more and more things of your list (whatever you do not achieve in a given day, carries over to the next day).

For example if you have the goal of exercising daily. Your first list may be.

  1. Get up early

  2. Set alarm the day before.

  3. Lay out workout clothes.

  4. Get gym membership to closest gym

  5. Walk, run on treadmill 20 minutes

  6. Ask trainer for weight supervision and rudimentary routine 20 minutes

  7. stretch 5 minutes

  8. shower, dress go to work

  9. Research healthy eating

  10. Reward self for going to the gym.

You repeat this list everyday until eventually, all this is covered with a single entry on your daily list

  1. go to gym

Eg 2. Become an actor.

  1. Look up acting classes

  2. Register for acting class

  3. go to acting class

  4. find head shot photographer

  5. set appointment with head shot photographer

  6. get head shots taken

  7. look up casting notices website

  8. register on casting websites

  9. find local acting jobs

  10. submit for local acting jobs

It seems so simple, but trying to hold this list in your head, or giving yourself much more complicated steps


  1. become working actor

  2. get tv show

  3. become star

Is a recipe for frustrated and giving up.

My personal list is now at 20 things a day e.g

  1. skip 1hr

  2. gym

  3. stretch 1hr

  4. meditate 15mins

  5. audition

  6. Learn monologue 1

  7. learn play lines

  8. put up blog

  9. Ig post

  10. Ig post

  11. FB work 1hr

  12. Backstage/ Actors Access/ Play Bill (local)

  13. Submit for new show

  14. Shakespeare audition (research)

  15. Today’s audition (5 repeated)

  16. get a student

  17. Hit up old students

  18. read 3 hrs

  19. write new blog

  20. scene study play 1 

I add even more things, including errands and things I need to buy, I know full well, I will most likely not achieve everything on my list in a day, if I accomplish 10 I consider that a good day.

The key is to have all the things on the list be important enough that at the end of the day I am closer to my goals even if I accomplish just three. I work for myself, hence the acting and dating coach goals.

But you can adapt this list to your work and your goals. Start now. Best of luck. I believe in you. What are you waiting for?! An invitation?! GET TO IT!