What I've Learned Since Putting Down The Bottle

What I’ve Learned Since Putting Down The Bottle

  1. If you quit a bad habit your mind waits for you to start again. You’ don’t have to wait with it.

  2. When you’re exhausted you’re only 70% done, so keep going, you won’t die, you’ll accomplish stuff.

  3. Never giving up is actually easy. Simply do not stop pursuing your goal no matter the odds, worst case you die, but it’ll be pursuing your goal.

  4. Exercise is not a luxury, it’s a requirement, like food or sleep. Do it daily.

  5. If you work hard, you’ll be exhausted all the time, this is normal, get used to it and keep moving forward. See number 2.

  6. The antidote to complaining is gratitude, find things to be grateful for, everyday.

  7. No one can stop you from doing anything, they can do a lot of things, but they CANNOT make you quit.

  8. You’ll be lonely for a bit, because as you do better, you’ll lose those in your life that don’t or don’t want you to.

  9. There isn’t enough time in your youth to get f’d up regularly.

  10. Pick a bad habit you need to lose and devote all your energy to ending it, Idk why, but it forces you towards success.

Part 2

  1. The reason SEAL trainees give in and put their helmets down and ring the bell is somewhere along the line the suffering and fear convinces them it is the smart thing to do. 

  2. Achieving a dream isn’t easy, it will often feel like the hardest thing you can ever do, BECAUSE, it means so much to you.

  3. Fear will do anything to make you quit, up to and including making you wish you were dead. Dark, I know, but you should know, so you’re prepared.

  4. Think every great leader, if their cause was life or death, then the choices often became about life or death, including and up to their’s, I’m talking Jesus, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, 2 Pac, Biggie, soldiers on the battle field, even JFK.

  5. We live in a cynical world now, where people see those that ’stick their neck out’ as stupid. It all becomes about ‘Reigning in Hell’ vs ’Servant in Heaven’ Everyone has to decide, just how much they are willing to give and how much they are willing to sacrifice.

  6. “They don’t want you to win.” That’s actually true, the status quo, haters, competitors, enemies. Don’t be naive, they exist, don’t be paranoid, but they are using their intelligence to figure out how to stop you and discredit, or take credit for what you have achieved.  Often they will be friends or family.  Often they will mean well.

  7. This is why I study SOF training so intently. War is a microcosm of life, strategy is about controlling chaos, and SOF are using hundreds of years of strategy distilled to solve real world problems, and they get (excuse my French) fucked up, they are exhausted, starved, froze, mentally and physically bullied, abused and ridiculed mercilessly for failure, because if they aren’t in war they’d be killed or worse captured. 

  8. The only difference between special forces training and you trying to achieve any dream, is in SF training you expect the suffering . So expect the suffering, prepare for it and enjoy the respite before it comes and after it ends. Note* Every suffering ends.

  9. I used to think things were supposed to be easy for me, while I quipped “Life is hard” Now I realize, things have to be hard, to reach true success.

  10. Humans work better in teams, find your’s it won’t make the hard things easier, but you will get more done and at least you won’t be alone.

Watching ‘Kill The Messenger” about Gary Webb the journalist that exposed the connection between the CIA and the crack epidemic, I already know the story and it is f’ing depressing. Long story short the CIA destroyed his life, ruined as a journalist, he was found shot in the head twice, it was ruled a suicide.  

Point Is:

Decide now, what you are willing to give up to achieve your dreams.