Open Like A Rockstar/ There's A Vibe

Open Like A Rockstar/ There’s A Vibe

Opening like a rockstar:

Question: How do people become masters at something? 

Answer: They perform the small tasks leading up to their thing, exceptionally well.

Question: How do they perform those small tasks exceptionally well.

Answer: Perfect practice

How To Open Like A Pro:

Simple every time you leave the house before you enter a venue for fun or return home. Open 10 people, that’s it. If you can’t enter a venue or return home till you have said ‘hi’ to 10 women, you will get that done, and you will have no attachment to the answer, none, even if she’s hot. You’ll still get nervous, but you will have said ‘Hi’ before you realize it.

How to play 1-10

You say ‘hi’ but that alone will not earn you a point. You must also get a response, an audible response, not a smile or a mouthed ‘hi’ but something loud enough that you hear it. And if you are playing against others they should hear it too, but it’s mostly honor system.

  1. You don’t have to open with a ‘hi’ it can be a question, you just need a response.

  2. If you are competing only one ‘Hi’ per woman counts towards a point. So If I say ‘hi’ and get a response back, you can’t get a point for saying ‘hi’ to the same woman and getting a response. So it pays to say ‘Hi’ first and or walk ahead, or even go solo.

  3. You can block other players by saying ‘hi’ when they do. That is stupid fun ;)



The beauty of this game is you don’t have to continue the interactions if you don’t want to. So you know if a woman is not the friendliest at that moment if she doesn’t answer. And even if she responds dismissively it still counts towards a point.



You calibrate faster, because there is a competitive element. 

You learn to project and speak clearly.

You learn saying hi, is not that big a deal.

It’s the coolest warm up.

There’s A Vibe

If you play 1 to 10 often enough, opening will not be an issue, as most people are polite and will respond. However just because people respond, does not mean they are worth talking to. So you have to be able to tell the winners from the losers, and this is where the vibe comes in.

If someone is open to you, you can tell. If someone is just waiting to unleash meaness you can tell. Especially if you open people a lot. You will start to learn to hone this instinct, trust it, because 9 out of 10 it is right and you shouldn’t waste a second longer of your time talking to someone that is not interacting with you in good faith.


But Truth, I like a challenge! 

Then go rebuild an engine. I reply.

Your job is not to convince everyone to like you, your job is simply to give every girl girl you like an opportunity to.


Hi, I just completed my first VAB Bootcamp of the Summer, and everyone got some. I have video (not of that) and will be blogging as well, because I had a little fun myself. Spots go quick and the emphasis is on fun first and learning a close second, it's hard work , in a fun "we are in a resort town sort of way" and it was a amazing and well worth it.

Speaking of reviews I have some new ones added to my wall of positive reviews, I simply haven't had a bad one yet. And I'm expecting a few more. So if you want to learn Game but don't necessarily want to go with a huge corporation, come to me. Otherwise keep it moving. I only want to do business with people who want to do business with me.