Narcissism And Dating 2: 10 Narcissistic Super Powers

10. Narcissists are bigger and stronger.
Narcissists never leave anything to chance, their discipline in this area is unrivaled, because they know being fitter, stronger and bigger gives them a clear advantage over normal people because if a woman had to pick between two guys, all things being equal she will pick the fitter guy.

9. Narcissists know more.
They learn a narrow subject backwards, and forwards because being an expert brings you attention. Narcissists don't do general knowledge, we actually study the things we are into so no one can ask us questions and have us go , "I don't know", Dating Communication is a huge one because it brings attention from everyone, men and women.

8. Narcissists are trained to fight. 
Narcissists are trained to fight, in addition to our obsession with fitness, and knowing everything, we also know, that few 'normal' people have the patience to deal with us, as we often say and do unfeeling things to people. I personally never seek to hurt others and this is hardly ever the intent, unless it is. We just can't be bothered to care about what we consider trivial stuff, like names; if you aren't a close acquaintance or a good friend, or someone of use, to us, our brains can't understand why we would ever remember your name. And because we have a layer of "ice" shall we say, we realize the importance of keeping our bodies safe and not being physically hurt by angry normal people. So we study martial arts and become obsessed with that, because we know we have to defend ourselves.
We have time for all of this because we don't have many people in our lives making demands on our time.

7. Narcissists are more charming.
Charm is sexual energy without the sex. And it requires absolute presence and complete focus on the person you are charming. You reciprocate charm by giving absolute focus back, and this is where the narcissist has you, because what you will be focusing on is absolutely fascinating, a bigger, stronger, well dressed, super smart, super attentive version of an archetype, that is cool and nonchallant. 

6. Narcissist are Supremely Confident.
In themselves and have an almost unshakeable inner state.
People look for clues on how to treat you by how you act, and how you are treated by others. Narcissists act like they are the "alphas" so they are treated like alphas. So when you meet them you defer to them because you don't know they aren't. Narcissists are the ultimate proof of "Fake it till you make it."
Narcissists don't mope, they don't cry, they can be supremely hurt, but they also supremely bounce back, they feel hardly any self pity, because that would require feeling pity. It's a little un-empathetic, but in a good way. E.g why would I want to feel what everyone else is feeling, if everyone else is feeling they should give up?

5. Shit tests don't work on Narcissists.
A narcissists brain is like a computer that is constantly analyzing people, dispassionately. We are good at strategy, people management, body language, vocal tone etc. (Read, manipulation) And we have an unusually steady inner core. And we honestly don't care that much, well we do, and we don't. We care so much we are experts at showing we don't care, (there is a reason it can be a disorder) point being we will walk away if something is not to our liking. We don't care the social context, we don't care how fine the girl is. If she starts acting dumb, we will walk away. As opposed to 'normal' people who can get caught up in the emotions of things.

4. We are the most important things in our worlds.
This is a serious one, because all you read or learn about narcissists is how evil and horrible we are, when this is just not the case. We are people, that think differently. Everything you read about the evils of narcissism is from a dating perspective, which I get, the only control a woman really has over a man in a relationship is how much he is bond to her. And a narcissist can always shake off that bond which must be super scary to women, but so can any normal guy given enough time.
My point is narcissists put themselves first, so they put their hopes and dreams first , so they are also the people most likely to accomplish them. Every celebrity you know, to get to where they are, had to have a little narcissism. Why? Because without it, how do you deal with everyone asking "so you want to change the world, why you?" Yes confidence is important but it has to be developed and can be chipped away, but narcissism is bullet proof. Why? Confidence is based on actual proof, that can change, narcissism has almost nothing to do with reality.

3. Narcissists are't shy
Narcissists are not afraid to be looked at, on the contrary they draw energy from it (anyone that ever wanted to be famous) public speaking, dancing, walking up to strangers all of these things are absolutely no problem for narcissists. We are born performers.

2. We form super bonds with inverted narcissists and they are almost always hot.
An inverted narcissist as we learnt yesterday is a narcissist that only draws narcissistic supply from other narcissists. She or he is the next level of narcissist. Think Watson in Sherlock, or every dancer, stripper, groupie or model you have ever ogled. It's ironic the subset of women we are all chasing have a secret port that narcissists can plug into and vice versa. Which is why, till, you learn to think and act like us, you will never get hot girls as effortlessly as we do. You'll have to work hard, and make money and provide as your reproductive strategy, which honestly is the more healthy choice, just the least fun.

1. Narcissists play archetypes. 
"No, no, no. A vigilante is just a man lost in the scramble for his own gratification. He can be destroyed, or locked up. But if you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, and if they can't stop you, then you become something else entirely." -Ra'as al Ghul

Narcissists don't limit themselves to themselves, they use nick names, have alter egos, play roles and talk about themselves in the third person. Because they're crazy? Yeah, but narcissists also don't do things that don't work. They know the power of transcendence that comes from belief. E.g A girl can ignore and reject Gori, but she will have to think twice about rejecting 'The Truth.'