Narcissism And Dating, Or Why It Is Better To Always Think You Are Better

Narcissism, what is it? Is it extreme selfishness? A total disregard for others? A need to be the constant center of attention?

Yes. It can be, absolutely. Like anything else it can be good or bad. Again I am not a doctor, or a counsellor, but I do have narcissistic personality traits.

Narcissism as I understand it, is caused by a child not being given love at key developmental stages. E.g being left to cry instead of being comforted. This causes the baby to comfort itself. While subconsciously feeling it is not worth comforting, not worth love.

Obviously this is a very harrowing feeling, so the individual over compensates to prove that subconscious feeling, that "voice in his head" if you will, wrong. As I said before this can help the individual or this can cause disordered thinking.

How can it cause disordered thinking? If the individual only seeks attention in a negative way, expecting positive results, that is disordered thinking. E.g never learning to be useful to society but expecting to be given a living.

How it can help the individual. -Setting high goals and reaching them because you have something to prove.

Before going into what this all has to do with Game. I have to mention the three types of narcissist.

Somatic narcissist: Obsessed with their, health and physical appearance. Often substitute sex, and physical admiration for love. Acting, modeling, adult entertainment, people obsessed with likes.

Cerebral narcissist: Obsessed with their intelligence, they're the one's that are always telling others what to do. Teachers, doctors, politicians, demagogues, (religious or cult leaders) law enforcement, CEO’s any job where you tell others what to do, and the power differential is such that others have to do what you want without question.

*Obviously I’m not saying everyone in these jobs are narcissists or even narcissistic, just that narcissists are drawn to them because of their psychology and often excel at them because of this.

Inverted narcissist: They seem quiet and introverted, but are narcissists that really can't be bothered with you unless you are a narcissist. E.g groupies, trophy wives, kept men, sycophants, ‘stans’, disciples (obviously not ‘The’ disciples), entourages and ‘hanger’s on’ people that enter a powerful person’s orbit with the goal of being chosen.

Narcissists are powered by narcissistic supply (attention) so they find the thing about themselves that illicits the most attention and lean in that direction. Somatics use their bodies, cerebrals use their minds and inverteds use other narcissists. In that they know how to give narcissists attention so they can get more attention in return.

Alright! What does this have to do with Game? Everything! Narcissists are masters at getting attention. From the moment a narcissist meets someone he or she is assessing the easiest way to get that person's attention or even if the person's attention is worth getting. The difference between when a regular person does this and when a narcissist does it is, narcissists are frighteningly more efficient. *Note, like two tigers fighting over territory, narcissists, hate other narcissists.

They seem smarter, hotter and more charming upon first meeting. Whatever you like they will figure out and give back to you. Need a hero, they’re the hero, need a friend, they are your new best friend etc. And while this can quickly fade, (shallow charm) we can all agree first impressions are the deepest.

So how do you harness what narcissists do to get girls and use it for yourself? Join me tomorrow for part 2.

Gori Olufon