Get Dates Now: College Edition

Step 1:
Live in a co-ed dorm or at least on campus:

One of the researched factors of liking is proximity.  People like people that are physically closer to them. At first you’re a stranger, then they get used to you, then they like you. Then they… , hopefully you see where I’m going with this.

Step 2:
Workout Every Day:

I’ve mentioned this before in prior posts, but how important this is, can not be underestimated. Men and women evolved in concert, women evolved to be sexually attracted to beings that are bigger and stronger than they are. (This isn’t sexism, it’s just fact.)

Conversely men evolved to be attracted to beings that are smaller and weaker than they are, again I don’t mean mentally, and it’s not the same for everyone, but generally speaking this is fact. 

*On a personal note my girl-friend and I just broke up for the umpteenth time, so I decided to play wrestle with her (because, why not?).

 Laughing afterwards she said “I had no idea how much stronger you were than me.”

 I replied “You knew I was stronger than you.

She: “But you weren’t even trying!”

And then we made out. Don’t judge.

Step 3:
Stay ‘Oscar Miked’ or On mission.

Your missions are School, Gym, Extracurriculars and girl-getting. Too many people waste college hanging out with friends. You can have friends and even hangout with them, but never at the expense of the ‘missions’. Even better, hangout doing something, working out, extracurriculars or girl-getting.

Step 4:
Never be afraid to stand alone.

There is something to be said for being part of a group, support, teamwork, brotherhood all very important, but at the end of the day every man must stand alone. E.g You want to do ‘this’, and the ‘group’ wants to do ‘that’. Which do you pick? Which do you always pick?

Why stand alone? So you know you can, so everyone knows you can, so she knows you can. Women are attracted to leaders, leaders are not afraid to be outliers, so trust yourself first, over the group, and you will find yourself with your own group.

Step 5:
Never cut yourselves off from others or other groups. 

No it’s not a contradiction. Literally talk to everyone, make it a point to be friends with all the cliques, teachers and support staff you are in contact with everyday. Talk to whoever strikes your fancy. That way you are not beholden to anyone, and if one group tries to control you, you have options. 

*Note: Goes without saying, but the same goes for, girls you like.

Step 6:
Get extracurriculars and get DAMN! good at them.

Be excellent at something, anything!  And you will be known as someone that is excellent at something. I picked martial arts and acting, but we all have stuff that we are naturally better than 90% of the people on earth at, beat the other 10%. Find that thing and become the best at it. This prevents your free time from being wasted time. 

*Note: Studies show structured free time is actually more fun than unstructured free time. For example, you playing a perfect basket ball game, will always get you more in the zone than browsing Facebook. Which brings me to…

Step 7:
Get off, social media.

It’s depressing you, literally look it up. It’s fake and robbing you of time you could be using to do literally, anything else including talking to girls. I’m only on it for work and I’m not even going to make the joke that you should be using it to talk to me, because I will always rather meet you in person.

Yea, it brings people closer together, but it’s more used as a giant waste of time. Have you even met all your FaceBook friends? 

Step 8:
Take a Public Speaking or an Acting Class

I get this is not everyone’s jam, but the ability to speak confidently, clearly and intelligently to a group of people you don’t know is an essential skill, because no matter what route you take in life you will constantly find yourself having to confidently, clearly and intelligently speak to groups of people you don’t know. Obviously it helps with getting girls, and it helps with being a leader.

*Note: Ever notice that all the things that help with getting girls also help with being a leader?

Step 9:
Always, always, ALWAYS!!! use a condom.

It’s never the party girls you’re on your guard with anyway, that infect you, it’s always the sweet, nice girl that you would never suspect. How do I know? Because ‘we’ (you and I) use condoms with the party girls! Yet, babies are still made.

Step 10:
Get a degree

Yes it is has been possible to be successful, in life and with girls, without a college degree. But I do not think that is going to last for much longer. Plus it’s ‘survival of the fittest’ so you need every marker you can to prove that you are a better choice than someone else, be it jobs, a leadership position, business or with women. Bonus points if you get a degree in something you actually intend to use. Jk while a degree is never a waste (because knowledge is never a waste) it behooves you to get a degree in something you have a life long interest in.