Truth's Dance Floor Pull (You Don't Need To Be Able To Dance)

Truth’s Dance Floor Pull

Walk into the bar and smile, (this works better in bars than clubs, clubs tend to be overcrowded, too full, and fools guys into thinking they are making progress, but we will deal with this in another blog.)

Circulate till you find 2 or 3 women you are attracted to. They don’t have to all be together. You may choose to approach but I like to gather intel.

Instead interact with your wing or the people around you, interact with your environment, but this cannot be an act, you have to genuinely be interested in your wing or in talking to the person you are talking to, otherwise women will see through your machinations. Blog on winging

Do this well and the women that are attracted to you will start looking at you, coming near you and facing away from you. (Women are looking at you all the time, they just have better peripheral vision, so it’s hard to catch, this is on purpose, a woman will only look at you straight on, when she has decided she wants you to approach or when she thinks you are not looking.)

This process takes time so chill for like 5 minutes. The reason is the longer you are still, the easier you are to observe, people want to interact with people they can ascribe some, kind of pattern to. To her 5 minutes is better than none. And stay engaged with your environment. If your time is unoccupied you look just like, what you are doing, waiting to approach. You never want to look like that.

If they see you looking around for prey, validation, or someone more interesting or high value than yourself or your friends, then you must be low value. High value people know wherever they are is where they would most rather be. Let yourself be hunted. She needs time to build up her courage too, let her. After a reasonable amount of time (5 minutes at the most) open whoever is closest and most attractive to you. The latter can not be under emphasized because if you don’t have a burning desire to sleep with her that night, she’ll know.

What and who to look for:

Look for one or two sets, but don’t limit yourself.

Look for less clothing, when women are ovulating they are more sexually attractive and more likely to have one night stands based only on physical attraction, and yes more likely to wear less when they go out. Blame or thank biology. Of course some women just want what they want.

Look for loud, obnoxious behavior and big arm movements. (Men and women act like this in public to attract attention. The more ‘big’ the display the more receptive they are to engagement.)

Conversely some women are quiet but give intense eye contact. If you pay attention and notice them. (They are the eponymous ‘quiet ones’ that are secretly wild.)

Once you locate her:

-Don’t approach, gather intel (use your best judgement, I like to let a woman notice me first before I approach, but I am a large black man. ;) Use big, loud and large movements, basically, get noticed.

-Interact with your wing and your environment and see if she notices, you’ll know if she does because she will either stare at you or turn her back to you. (This is designed to hide her interest or attract you with her figure (the jury is out on that.)

You may be worried she might just, not know you exist, this is highly unlikely because , you’ve been checking her out and she’s been noticing, I know this because men are not subtle, and women are at least 10x better at reading men than men are at reading women, unless they are very inexperienced or the man has had some sort of body language training.

So you have warmed the cold approach by being awesome, now approach boldly.

Truth’s Dance Pull Proper:

I like to start with a dance 

(Dance game blog) 

and let it naturally escalate from there. Dancing will tell us what we want from each other or less cryptically we will see our level of chemistry.

If it’s high, make out, get her number and ask “your place or mine?” She may or may not say “my place” but you will have boldly set the tone for the interaction.

If it’s medium, go for the make out anyway (You may fail, so what?) time bridge (time bridge blog No. 7).

If chemistry is low, ask her name give her a big hug, say thank you and point at your check, she will go to kiss it, turn your head and kiss her on the lips at the last moment. Share a laugh (especially if it doesn’t work) and ask her to save you a dance.

Low Chemistry:

More than likely the reason for this (if you are actually attracted to her) is she wants to explore her options, check out the other guys, (hey if you do it why wouldn’t she?) This is why you don’t open her the moment she walks in. Later when she see’s there are no other guys (or girls) as awesome as you are,  she may be more receptive. The End.

Note: Not being able to dance is not an acceptable excuse for you not dancing with her or her not dancing with you (neither is I’m not drunk enough). And please don’t be put off by “I have a boyfriend “ Or “I’m a lesbian.” If she’s dancing with you, assume you have a shot and act accordingly.