The Psychology Of Game Or My Philosophy

The Psychology Of Game

The psychology of Game in general and my class in particular though I am not licensed as a therapist or board certified to hand out drugs make no mistake, an intense 20 hour psychology session is exactly what my bootcamp is.

I observe and test your battle readiness, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, your assets and gaps. I say the mean things your friends and family would never tell you, the things society does not want you to know; so you don't get too far ahead, this trait to give tough love whether asked for or not plays havoc with my personal relationships but it makes me the 'best' friend you ever had.

Then I find out your specific goals and objectives for the bootcamp, for success with women, for success your life. I use lists and tell you stories, then I have you tell me stories and I analyze them in real time like a counter-intelligence officer (interrogator?), you can't lie to me but more importantly you can't lie to yourself.

Once the battle plans are drawn up, we charge in, in 3 phases.

Phase 1:

Rapport: I'll teach you how to create iron clad rapport with a perfect stranger, by teaching you how to create iron clad rapport with me, a perfect stranger.

Phase 2:

Loss of fear: You will engage beautiful women, wherever and whenever they are to be found. Full immersion, no canned lines, no coercion, you will find yourself walking up to beautiful women like it is your idea and indeed it will be.

Phase 3: 

Competency: In this phase you will learn/ find yourself, opening, leading interactions and screening beautiful women, where you used to have to wait to be chosen, now you will be the chooser. You will decide whether to pursue or abort faster and with greater efficiency and I will be there the whole time winging and ensuring everything goes smoothly.

My classes are taught by example. E.g If I want you to be able to talk to women that intimidate you, I talk to women that intimidate me. If I want to show you rejection is a good thing, I will get rejected right along with you.

Sounds too good to be true? It's not, it's work, super fun, introspective, self-bettering, confidence building and life changing work but work all the same. It just won't feel like it, because I will only pressure you when absolutely necessary. You will improve exponentially, I guarantee it.

Why so confident?

Because I did not learn everything about dating to teach, I learnt it for me, I just obsessed over it so much I messed around and became the best teacher I know, full respect to Mystery, Style and Mathew Hussey.

What makes me better?

 My experiences, I'm not a magician or a journalist or British, I'm an African immigrant with two black belts, that got scholarships to acting schools. I do SEAL workouts for fun and I've been stabbed through the heart and had so many relationships blow up in my face I've lost count. I'm a recovering narcissist and have anger issues. The Truth is I am you.