50 Tinder Dates: Same Night Lays, The College Girls

50 Tinder Dates: Same Night Lays The College Girls


For all three college girls I had a wing, on two occasions I was teaching. One, I was out with a wing, but this illustrates the importance of having someone with you who somewhat knows what they are doing.

Young women almost never travel alone, (except for one I met).

Here I am going to break down the One Night Stands by

How we met




Note* It’s not like I am teaching bootcamps to get laid, sadly I actually have to ignore a lot of women that are interested or move on from them, in the interest of teaching my students, it hurts, truly it does, but I figure that’s what I am getting paid for. If I do hook up on a bootcamp 1. it is a teaching moment and 2. She is simply not taking ‘no’ for an answer.

10. Bootcamp DC  7* (Age21) ( I think she’s an 7 because of um physical attributes, but I have been informed she’s a 6.5)

Note:  something truly amazing happened during our interaction.

We met while I was teaching a bootcamp and I was teaching my students how to rally at the end of the night, we were in a famous late night pizza joint and talking to a bunch of college girls. They were not giving us an in, although they did talk to us, we were flirting for the practice. 10 showed up and I noticed her immediately. Another friend began herding the girls away and called back for 10.

10 ignored her and was smiling at me, I looked in her eyes, grabbed her and we started making out aggressively. It was an explosion of something and I heard all the women get really offended.

(Isn’t that the way, they ignore you till someone wants you.)

So in my drunken state I went on autopilot and we all went to get an Uber, then she said, “You’re not taking me home!” To which I replied “Ok, I think I’m in love with my girl anyway.” 

To which she replied “You ARE taking me home!”

I realized then this was a game, for which I really had no time. I was in love, we weren’t exclusive yet, but I wanted to do the right thing by my girl. But 10 was having none of that.

Excerpt at full volume: (I would not have believed it the next day had my students not witnessed the whole thing)

“You have to take me home or I’m going to leave with the first guy I see, and that will be on you!…If you don’t take me home and fuck me! I’ll find someone who will!”

Random guy: “I’ll do it!”

I argued valiantly, but I think the alcohol, testosterone, the crowd and the sheer surrealism of having a 21 year old white girl, argue/bully you, into taking her home and sleeping with her, was too much. I say she convinced me but my wings say she just wore me down.

She was the inspiration for ‘The Harvard Theory Blog.’

Note: In my book only supermodels get to be 10s, so it is essentially almost impossible. So if I say 8 or 9, it’s most people’s 10s

6. Bootcamp DC 9 (age23)

I was teaching a bootcamp during Cinco De Mayo and it was approaching the end of the night, so I decided, to go from winging and coaching to “stretching my legs for a bit” I saw a beautiful redhead twerking and jumped on it (I am not advocating being a jack-ass, but it was one of those kinds of nights. If you get a ’no’ accept it and move on , if they are upset, apologize and move on. I do not make the rules.)

She was happy I was there. ( Yea, don’t get me started on the hypocrisy of what ‘is’ and ‘is not’ acceptable behavior between the sexes.) We danced for a bit, my student winged me and then a friend (her’s) remembered it was time to go home. (I didn’t get a chance to disarm obstacles) I thought “well, that was fun”, but I decided to play solid game.

“You should hang out” I said. “It’s up to them” she said. Meaning her friends.

“I like and want your friend” I said. They hesitated, I don’t think they were ready for my honesty. So I pounced “I want her, I want all of it!” they all melted, in retrospect, that statement made no sense, but it worked.

She came back with me. We collapsed on my Bro’s bed and she asked “Why does this feel so weird?” I replied because this isn’t my bed. I then directed her to my couch.

The lesson here is Game is not about manipulation it’s actually about the Truth. If I had tried to keep coming up with the perfect comebacks, I would have failed. You have to learn to confidently go forward with what is in your heart. From dancing, to saying how you feel, and honestly saying what you want.

7. Out with Wing DC 9 (age18)

This is a crazy one, so strap in. Notice the younger the woman the higher the rating?

Asked her to dance in a club.

So my wing and I go to a club, he’s getting good by this point so we back each other up but don’t need to be on top of each other. I look around the dance floor and I see this beautiful girl standing by herself.

I hang out for a bit doing recon, and she appears to actually be alone, I figure she’s there to see staff, (so rarely are women of beauty found alone). She checks me out and I ask her to dance, she asks me to buy her a drink.

Now the rules say never do this, and normally I would have followed them, but I complied for two reasons. 1. I had recently quit drinking so I was drinking orange juice, and would get her the same. 2. She was very hot, and there is no way not to look cheap if you say ‘no’.

So I bought her a “drink” told her it was so good you can’t taste the vodka, we danced, I used dance game and we made out. I got her another ‘drink’ and asked how old are you, she said 'I can’t tell you” while she gulped the drink down. At this point I had figured something was up.

We danced and made out some more, I asked “your place or mine” she said “your’s but lets’ get one more drink first.” I swallowed my excitement, the idea that I was being played did cross my mind, but I said to myself “we’re grinding and making out so much, it really doesn’t matter anymore.” She caught on and asked for more vodka this time I tried to get her number just in case. She blew that question off.

We had one more drink, danced/grinded some more, (god that pisses other girls off, Yay sexual jealousy!) told my wing we were bouncing and bounced. She helped me find the Uber and told me she was 18 on the way home. We smoked and did it. She smelt like hope.


  1. If you can afford to, buy a drink for a girl you like, do so, especially if she is young and hot, simply put, young, hot women don’t have any money. And want to feel valued, you spending money on them is an easy way to let them feel validated. The only other people that spend money on them is their parents. So they associate money being spent on them, with love.


  1. Do not bail out just to save face, or because things are not going exactly how you want them to go, or because things are a little off. Have the courage of your convictions and stick things out.

       Act with moxie, you can’t take someone home if you act like you’re not sure. Even in the earlier episode I did not waiver, I went from yes, to no, to yes, never in between. 

Moxie: force of character, determination, or nerve.

“Moxie gives you spunk.” was the slogan of Moxie one of the first soft drinks mass produced in the U.S.  

  1. Last but not least you miss 100% of the shots you do, not, take. Nuff Said. 

Have fun this weekend. I will be teaching a free Bootcamp, there are spaces available, so if you are in DC and are interested in meeting, DM me. (14th-17th June 18)