50 Tinder Dates: The One Night Stands (Same Night Lays)

50 Tinder Dates: The One Night Stands 3 and 5


Here I am going to break down the One Night Stands by

How we met




Secret to Tinder and Bumble: Start with “wanna meet up for (coffee emoji) or (martini emoji)?


1. She will be impressed you had the balls to ask.

2. She will likely either say yes or lets talk for a bit. Either way she knows there is a ticking clock and anyone in sales or that has seen a movie knows this raises tension through fear of loss.

3. If she’s horny she knows you are on the same page.

4. And finally if she is a ‘time waster’ only looking for validation with no intention of meeting, she will not reply. 

3. Tinder (8)

I waited and persevered; I went to the restaurant and got upsold by the waiter with other patrons chiming in. I was bullied, I was tired, I took it., she was one of those need attention types so I did what any girl on date with a loud mouth does, I I listened to her and laughed at her jokes, I gave her attention.

Doing that I reached the fuck point pretty quickly, not the normal hook point, where they don’t want you to leave but the Online dating hook point (the fuck point), which is when they want to fuck you. 

Hook Point: Point at which a woman that does not know you decides she does not want you to leave.

Online Dating Hook point (Fuck point): This is the point where a woman you have not slept with before, decides to fuck you. This necessarily precedes the actual act.

You see a normal hook point happens first in a normal pick up, but with online dating, she already knows she likes you, so her meeting you and having “chemistry” with you validates her  sexual choice and since it is her choice, she can no longer think of a reason to play games and make you wait which can only mean one thing. In the immortal words of DMX a voice in her head says “Let’s Get It On!”

So in a cold pick up she decides she does not want you to leave (Hook point). But in online dating when she feels attraction for you and has her sexual choice validated, it’s a cheat code because she can no longer think of a reason to make you wait because after all she knows you.

But! She had a prior engagement with work, she had to go do at the aquarium real quick. Not wanting to have to start all over later, I invited myself along. So we went to her place of work and i waited in her office for three hours.

I know, I know, I should have left, I was being too available, I should be the prize!—That is all loser talk because she came back we got in her car she said “I’m going home…I assume you are coming with me.” I said you guessed it! You is right.

We went back to her place and got it on.

She did not end up in the rotation, because she was too full of herself, that’s my role.

Note: I am skipping to 5 because I fell in love with 4, not right away mind you, but enough teaching moments happened to where she deserves her own blog.

5. Bumble (7)

We met, things went smoothly, we flirted, I held her hand, I kissed her, she remarked I was ‘smooth’ and smiled like it was ‘on’, which let me know it was. She gave me a ride back to my place, I invited her in. It happened, the end.

The lesson here is women want it too. And also that some women get really demandy after sex, maybe she feels bad for sleeping with you quickly, let them know you value them, and that you are in it with them.

However she took it too far, and by that she tried to withhold sex to get a relationship, which she absolutely has a right to be able to do. However that does not mean I have to go along with it, especially once we have already had sex.

If you have questions about, the hold hand, kiss, sexual hook point sequence go back and read my Tinder blogs.


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