What People Think I Do VS What I Actually Do: Dating Coach Edition

What People Think I Do VS What I Actually Do Or What to Look For In A Mentor

0. What People Think I Do

0. What I Actually Do

1. People think I point you to a girl and go “Open her.”

1. I actually go ‘the game is “Hi” first to 10 points wins’. And I actually take part.

2. People think I just hang out with clients.

2. I am actually thinking intensely about how you come off, why you come off that way and how you can come off  better.

3. People think my ‘game’ is perfect.

3. No, my ability to teach ‘game’ is perfect. Because I’m not teaching you my limitations and mistakes. I’m not making you, me. I’m making you, you. My game is still better than yours though. ;)

4. People think I am going to bark orders at you in set, or whisper in your ear all night.

4. That will very rarely happen. I’ll never bark at you (during set :) and I will only whisper if nothing else works and it’s that important.

5. People think I don’t get rejected.

5. I get rejected all the time, in front of students and that’s the point. If I had in-field footage it would contain a hi-light reel of me getting shut down. 

6. People think I’m going to teach them routines.

6. I don’t teach routines (unless you ask) rather I teach you how to think and communicate so clearly, displaying your personality will become less and less effort.

7. People think my life is one big party.

7. When I’m not “working” I am building the business, constantly studying or working out, so that I am at my best when I teach.

8.  People think I am a Pick-Up-Artist.

8. No, I’m a personalized philosophy coach, think Aristotle to Alexander, or Socrates to everyone, the lens the knowledge comes through just happens to be dating. I really teach you to be the best man you can be.

9. People think the class is going to be intense.

9. It can be, but 20 hours of intense is something no one asked for. There will be lots of getting to know you and “bro time” the point of this is to learn to build rapport easily and naturally. So you can replicate that with the men and women you meet. 

10. People think Its my job to be their buddy.

  • 10. No, it’s my job to tell you what you are doing wrong, and why and how to do it right and if you choose to disagree it’s my job to tell you why you are wrong. I have no problem with conflict in the name of getting you past XXXXXXXX.

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