Pick Or They Will Pick For You

Hello Illuminati,

If you are smart and found a mentor or instructor to speed you down your path to becoming a superior man, you will find getting desirable women becomes easier and easier and you might be tempted to continue aiming for more and hotter girls with no end in sight, right? Gotta Catch Em’ All? Be a true master with a huge harem? Yeah? I got a reality check for you? Let’s cash it shall we.

A lot of you will get better to varying degrees, some a lot, some a little, but it won’t matter till you decide what you want. Why? High quality men are rare, for the same reason so few guys take bootcamps. Most don’t have the balls to decide to handle their lives. So just like hot girls are so clearly hotter than most women, guys that are good with women are so much more noticeable to women than most other men.

Looks, money, job, car, these factors help just like, health, youth, curves, clothes and make up, help women but alone, none of these factors will get you the sexual relationships you want.

Why? Because if someone is with you for these reasons and not for you, they’ll leave once these factors are gone.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing as long a you are cool with being wanted, not for yourself but for what you can provide. Or as long as you are fine, being used.  This is what happens when you don’t chose.

What is wrong with letting women choose you? Nothing it’s actually %^&&ing awesome. Things like, girls interrupting your convo to get your number start happening, girls you don’t know, argue with you about why you should take them home (that was a trip). You will sleep with XXXXXXXX a lot of women, justify your anger and sadness, and have experiences most men can only dream of. XXXXXXXXXX included. That’s the dream, right? RIGHT!!!

Only draw back is, nothing happens after all that, after all the sex, partying etc, everyone goes back to their own lives, forms real relationships (the kind that actually help you get through life) and you are all alone looking for the next party.

Yea, that was me. No real friends, no real relationships, nothing built, but the ability to get any woman I want, yea, yea I know it’s kinda like a rich man bemoaning the fact he’s rich. All I’m saying is, you need balance. You need a goal. Even those motivated by money lose it all when they don’t have a set goal. Even the president has gone broke multiple times, that is if he’s not broke now.

What’s the point? 

I found a purpose for this ability I’ve spent my youth honing, I have a goal. I’m in a relationship and I’m happy.

You may think, you’re a long way off from my ability, but the Truth is you’re closer than you think, especially if you find a mentor or coach. So what are you going to do when you get here? Wild out and waste your life chasing fun? Or set a goal, live in moderation and bring love into your life?

A big pick-up company is currently preaching using social networking to reach out to as many women as you can, at once, at the same time that company is saying the most desirable women are all prostituting themselves, and that sleeping with women that are sleeping with other men is just the cost of being a high value male. This turns my stomach, because it is a lie, because it is what they truly believe and because they are telling a generation of men looking for guidance that this is not only acceptable, but desirable. This will end in disaster, a generation of men perverting the natural order of building lasting, loving relationships ending up, sad, angry and alone.

The choice is yours, just know even when you don’t pick, you pick.


Have a goal with this dating communication/ pick up thing, reach it, stop and build up the rest of your life.