Being Dangerous: Respect Edition

Being Dangerous: Respect Edition

Respect; deference to a right, privilege, privileged position, or someone or something considered to have certain rights or privileges; proper acceptance or courtesy; acknowledgment

Polite;  showing good manners toward others, as in behavior, speech, etc.; courteous; civil:

Danger; liability or exposure to harm or injury; risk; peril.

Boundary; something that indicates bounds or limits; a limiting or bounding line.

Show people respect and expect it back. If they won’t show respect, show them politeness, politeness is the trappings of respect, without there having to be any, it can be respectful or patronizing, either way it serves as a warning. 

Reason being is we are all trained from a young age as social creatures to reciprocate politeness if not respect. It signifies a boundary, it says I will treat you the best I can and you had better do the same.

Some people like to test boundaries to get a measure of your character, to find out if you are worth taking seriously or not.

This is where being dangerous comes in, now I am not advocating violence verbal or physical, on second thought yes I am, but only when it is warranted and only as a measured response and always preceded by a warning. Don’t bully or assault, but by all means defend yourself, much better to raise your voice when a would be mugger first approaches you, than being quiet till he (or she) has pulled a knife.

Ever notice how the most dangerous people, (people with jobs that involve taking life, sometimes) are the most polite and the most sensitive to disrespect? That’s because carrying a gun comes with a cost, a fear of using it, (in normal people anyway).

I am not saying we should have no patience, and go around threatening everyone that bumps into us or steps on our sneakers. No. Respect everyone till they give you a reason not to. I merely suggest you make like the American Military and serve as a deterrent in the face of hostility or that hostility, WILL escalate. 

Now if this person or persons could not possibly hurt you, then there is nothing to deter, and you can remain patient and understanding. That said don’t underestimate anybody man, woman or child, give them the respect of knowing that anyone can be dangerous.

Note to Women:

The biggest threat to women is men. I am not advocating living in fear of men but I am advocating common sense. Don’t be so fearless that something easily avoidable happens to you. It might not be p.c but I am wearing my Self-Defense Instructor hat right now.

Put another way, there are men I will freely admit to being afraid of. That’s, just common sense.

Note to Everyone:

This goes for men and women, adults and kids, and people of all races. In dealing with authority (cops) remember that they are clerks with guns and only have the authority to hurt you if you give it to them. If you wouldn’t fight a post office worker why would you resist the police? The only institution that has the authority to mess with your life is the courts, so why make war with the messenger and by so doing make it easier for the courts to screw you?

Does authority (cops) overstep from time to time? Yea, but getting into a wrestling match with people with hand guns, stun guns, pepper spray, batons, A.K’s, body armor, shot guns, tanks, choppers and the authority to take your life, if you threaten theirs (credibly or not, they’re not taking that chance and honestly why should they?), is just stupid.

Should it be that way? No, but I’m not going to die to prove a point especially when there is a place to prove that point, which the authority (cops) directly work for. The court. And if God forbid I don’t have the resources to fight abuses in court, what chance do I have against a paramilitary organization on the street?

What does any of this have to do with getting girls?

Safety and survival have everything to do with getting girls because without it you can’t get girls. Also women are constantly evaluating you based on how well you fit the role of protector and provider, in this case protector is the operative word. In a primal sense you need to be able to keep your mate safe, both in general and more instinctively if she is with child, (pregnant or actually just with your child). 

Your best shot at this is to treat everyone, authority (cops) included, with respect, baring that politeness, next is to show you are willing to fight, and that you are not a push over. And most importantly do not let others easily transgress your boundaries, don’t be dogmatic but don’t be a coward either. Violence should always be a last resort, but once you go down that route do not go halfway.

Actionable Solutions:

Work out and learn a martial art. Weapons while fun, make bad situations worse, either something irreversible is done to you, with or because of it (the weapon) or you do something irreversible to someone else. And yea by weapons I mean guns.