How To Game In VA Beach

How To Game In VA Beach

  1. Get a hotel, AirBNB, or stay at a friend’s near the beach.

  2. Have alcohol, condoms, trunks and sunblock. (Plus a major peacocking item you can wear 24/7.)

  3. Psychology of vacations: Women go on vacation to ‘hook up’ just like men go on vacation to hook up, only they are better at it. The things that stop a woman from hooking up with you in non-vacation life; her social group (her friends, boyfriend, acquaintances, your friends etc) just don’t exist on vacation, she doesn’t even have to worry about if you want a serious relationship. Add in the excitement of being in a new city surrounded by beach bodies and wanting a souvenir or someone to share the experience with, plus lots of alcohol and hotels, (plus the beach is just sooo romantic) you sir are now in the perfect storm, if you know how to take advantage of it.

  4. Go everywhere and establish relationships with everyone: All there is to do in VA Beach is walk around until night time, so do so, wear your peacocking thing and introduce yourself to everyone;  girls  working in the shops, dudes working the shops, bartenders, hotel workers, smile and wave at other tourists and open everyone guy and girl. VA Beach is kinda in the south and so the people there respond to warmth and friendliness. So go out and meet everybody, extra points if you have a silly nickname (handle) because everyone will yell it at you (overtime) while you are in set, making you look like a man of the people to your target,

  5. Be jacked, or at least in shape, this is non-negotiable. Yes, you can be fat and confident but why chose to do that at the beach, where you have a clear disadvantage? It just shows poor planning.

  6. Have a wing, people want to see you interact with someone else before they interact with you, (almost) anyone else, it gives them a sense of who you are, plus they know you will leave them alone if the set does not go well. Yes, you can game in VA Beach without a wing, but again it’s just harder, for no reason. If you don’t have one, make one if you don’t know how to make one read my blog on why finding a wing is so key 

    Burn Notice or Why Knowing How to Create a Wing is the Best Thing You can Learn

  7. Start early (I like 8.30pm) begin by saying ‘hi’ on the beach (to 10 people), get into the clubs that are free before a certain time and then bounce around some more, go to clubs, and avoid bars unless you are advanced or are just really good at bars (they can be more trouble than they are worth.) 

  8. Open, open, open if they (beautiful women) don’t get opened their holidays suck, plus they are there for the same reason you are, I can’t tell you how many women I’ve met that have no XXXXXXX XX, and they are almost all beautiful because (number 5 on this list) why wouldn’t they be, they’re young and from all over the world.

  9. In VA Beach, long walks on the beach are not just a cheesy activity to put on a dating profile, it’s a legit bounce (I’m sorry, reason or activity to give a woman to leave with you) as in “the sun is setting let’s walk on the beach, or this DJ sucks let’s walk on the beach, or I have cheap alcohol, XXXXX, I know a great place to get (whatever) let’s get some and walk on the beach”. And yea you can pretty much do anything on the beach within reason. Wink, wink.

  10. Everyone ends up on the beach anyway when the bars close, which is at 2.00am. So if you day game and come up empty and night game and come up empty, there is always middle of the night game, just have your alcohol handy because when everything else is closed the guy with alcohol is king.

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