Female Student Review Or Review I Am Most Proud Of

This is a review from one of my female students. I wrote it out to make it easy to read. Screenshot at the bottom.

"I would consider myself pretty lucky to have taken Gori’s boot camp for a variety of reasons:

1)      Affordable- Too many services in the DC area charge an arm and a leg.  (One-that-won’t-be-named wanted to charge me $4,000 to just sit and wait.) Most are just rackets that recycle the same people over and over again.  My pockets are grateful to have a high level of customization for my unique situation as a woman. 

2)      Customized- To speak to the personalization aspect of the training, for a woman, I can honestly say I was HIGHLY surprised at the emotional intelligence Gori demonstrated.  Before the training, he really took time to get to know my personality.  I know I have a very strong personality, but he was able to see my barriers so quickly, and address them.  He will NOT let you get in your own way and will definitely hold you accountable to your own bullshit.  He’s a great listener and will hold your hand through the process.  I really wanted to be negative about this boot camp, as horrible as that sounds.  Honestly, I wanted to discount the process as “fake”.  To my surprise, it was the EXACT wake-up call I needed to get me motivated again. 

3)      Practical- If you think you’ll just be practicing body language and “game”, think again.  I really do feel like the skills were so transferrable in other areas as well.  For example, I get anxious and tend to overthink/over-analyze/over talk people.  I got a few tips and tricks to stop myself in the moment and become more mindful and aware. Sometimes, it takes someone to put a “mirror” in your face to show you what’s holding you back.

4)      FUN! - So, there will be nerves.  In fact, there will probably be a variety of all manner of emotions, but you will have SO MUCH FUN in the process.  Specifically, you will be attracting REALLY GREAT GUYS! (I even got the office HOTTIE to ask me out… Just ask Gori how to “drop the handkerchief”)

A word of advice, DO YOUR HOMEWORK that he gives you and practice.

There’s probably a lot more I can say.  Take responsibility for your dating life.  Just take the class.  Seriously! "


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