Get In Shape Or Get Off The Couch And Go Out And Play For At Least An Hour A Day

Within you are the genes of the greatest, generals, warriors and athletes that have ever lived. How do I know this? Simple you didn’t have to survive to this point, as in you could just as easily have never been born. Your genes fought tooth and nail to bring you into existence. You exist because you are the best of your ancestors their champion, the best chance your genes and their memory have of surviving. Pretty heavy huh? Then why is getting up early and running such an issue?

I mean if we weigh your being fit versus the cosmos conspiring for you to exist, it kind of puts wanting an extra donut in perspective doesn’t it?

You know how we watch movies and the hero has the fate of the world resting on his shoulders? You are not any different, your family is counting on you, your future mate is counting on you, your potential kids are counting on you, ALL your ancestors are counting on you and you being the best YOU, you can be means the whole world is counting on you, because no one knows what you putting in the best effort you can, will mean for the planet. It’s called the ‘ripple effect’ look it up.

What does any of that have to do with getting in shape?

You stay healthier longer; All things being equal strength training improves your chances of survival from anything.  From a cold, to a fight with a bear. Being healthier longer means you survive longer, which is one of your main jobs in life to survive, the other…

To replicate i.e reproduce, and thats a lot easier when you survive in fact this is what adult human females look for in a mate, not one of the things, it’s WHAT they actually look for. Look, being a key word, point being if you ‘look’ like you can survive you are ahead of the game. And I don’t mean physical beauty, (though I’m sure you are). That’s more what men look for in a woman, double standard? Take it up with biology. 

The U.S is 1/3 obese or overweight, this is ridiculous, especially when you (guys) have a hormone in you that is activated by doing physical stuff. I love video games just like everybody else, but maybe it’s time to stop virtually winning and go outside and actually win.

Now What?

Alright, alright, practical steps. (Use common sense, I’m not a doctor so I’m going to ask you consult a physician before you begin a new workout program.)

Join a sports team. High school, college, varsity, adult league etc, etc, I don’t care what, just pick a sport join, stick to it and show up. You will learn essential skills, like teamwork, leadership and perseverance.

Don’t like team sports? Find an activity, like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or rock climbing.

This is the OLD Navy Seal Warning Order. It’s prep for BUD/S, don’t know what that is look it up. I have used this since I was 17, and I still use it now. I honestly do not understand the new order, but I am old.

Consult a doctor before you begin (or common sense) swim if you can, ride a bike if you can’t, stay within reason. I was going to write this out, but at some point you have to take initiative. So this covers your physical training, you don’t need a gym.

Should you want to go to a gym (because, girls like big muscles,) find the one closest to where you live and take the prep or intro class, the last thing you want to do is get injured at the place designed to make you healthier.

On running; down load the Nike running app, get gel insoles for your RUNNING! sneakers, crank your tunes and have fun, you’re designed to run, we evolved to, we also evolved to move which is why inactivity causes us to put on fat so quickly. We also evolved to put on fat so quickly so we could go for long periods without eating. So if you eat regularly, workout regularly.

Here is your last bit of encouragement. If you are 18-21 this time in your life is actually the easiest to get into the best shape of your life, muscles, six pack, one rep maxes “how much you bench? How much you squat? What’s your mile?” You know, MAN questions.

But here is the coolest thing, there is a thing called muscle memory, which means , if your muscles have done something before, it is easier for them to do it again, like getting bigger, toned etc. I made a deal with myself to stay in shape and have a six pack for the rest of my life. Is that possible, I believe, yes, anyway I’m 35 now and it’s still there, for me to whip out at the beach in the summers (my six-pack not my XXXX) and I see young men that could easily get that and don’t have that and I smile to myself.

So do the thing Mrs Obama said to, get off the couch and go out and play for at least an hour a day.


Gori OlufonFitness