1. Find A Job: The Adult Human Male's Guide To Finding A Mate(S)

1. Find A Job

An adult human female needs resources, if you have none, you force her to date older human males that do. Let’s take a moment to be indignant by how unfair this is. You done? Good because that changed and will change nothing. I spent years of my youth angry about how unfair it is that women like dating men with money. While at the same time realizing I liked to date women with beauty. The best advice I can give at the end of the day is to realize it’s not about you. Women aren’t dating you because you have no resources per se, but because your job is to prove you can take care of your and her potential offspring.

And more importantly you getting a job is about you. It’s you proving you can make money, create value, help others in a large enough way that they give you money. Start where you are, if you are “middle class’ (that doesn’t exist by the way) then you know to get off your behind and work, even if it’s getting some sort of full scholarship. Research it, they are out there.

If your family has money, I repeat your family, because guess what? It’s not yours and one day they will let you know that, in what will probably be the worst possible way, anyway if you are well to do, focus on an even bigger picture than $10 an hour. Work on the stuff that’s going to change the world, write, make films, code, try out for the olympics, do something!

How To Get A Job

Simple, look. Ask everyone you know, go on the internet, ask Facebook, search, search, search, start with what you want to do and go from there. Get a resume, talk to who ever is in your life, let them feel how big a deal this is for you and they will swarm you with support, or not.

What does this have to do with getting girls?

Everything, because it’s about you. Your confidence, your strength, your intelligence, you’re perseverance, nothing will be handed to you now, nor handed to you later. So the more skill you acquire digging deep now, the better life you will have in the future and that’s all women want, a better life than they can make on their own or else they wouldn’t need you, now would they?


If you start saving now you’ll have the resources to date for as long as you want, should you go that route.


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