Live Free Or Die A Coward

We live in an interesting time, I’d say a more political time, but life has always been political, I think it’s just more in your face because minorities, women and LGBT are pushing for more power and getting it. We have women’s marches, Me-too movements, Times-up movements, and people openly mocking the president and shootings of unarmed black men by the police. A lot is going on, there have been witch-hunts, firings and public shamings, all deserved? I honestly don’t know. (To be fair that was probably said about unarmed black shootings) But what I do know is the old order of business where you keep your head down in the face of injustice does not fly anymore.

And now the event, I got trolled yesterday, lol, that’s not new the funny part is he (or she) was actually shocked by my reaction, she (or he) was not expecting a response and the other people on the site ate it up. The exchange was funny and went well, till he (or she) called for me to be banned. My response was even if I was, I was standing up for myself and that he, or she was a coward.

I wasn’t banned and in this sexless being’s response, his or her cowardice was not addressed but rather accepted, like it was matter of fact it was a coward.

Fellas this is literally what aggression is for, to fight bullies, to fight people who would rather silence you than prove their position, and honestly it’s not about them it’s about you, it’s about doing the right thing even when it is hard, has ramifications and negatively affects you. It’s about not being a coward. Now don’t get me wrong, picking your battles is a smart tactical strategy, even tactical retreat, but you know in your heart if you just kowtowed and ran away.

What Does This Have To Do With Getting Girls?

Simple. Women are repelled by cowardice. I say again, Women Are Repelled By Cowardice, and they can smell it on you, not literally but they know when you are being a coward, because you know when you are being a coward.

When, you’re not going for that job.

When, you’re not going for that raise.

When, you don’t go up and talk to that girl.

When you “can’t” get up early to do that workout.

When you can’t move out on your own.

When you hold on to that toxic relationship.

When you cheat, instead of being a man.

When you try to bully instead of thinking through your position.

Point is do the hard thing, don’t be a coward, and if you want to troll, troll, just don’t try to silence people you don’t agree with. I would die for your right to say stuff I don’t agree with.