This Is America Or Race And Dating In The Land Of The Free

There are two theories when it comes to race and dating. One is women mate for variety, so women actively seek men that have immune systems that are different from their’s to increase variety in the gene pool, this has been proven by various experiments and women’s obsession with travel and their advanced ability to assimilate other cultures.

The other theory is women are more interested in men that are the same race as them, the “averageness is sexy” principle, the idea that the more average the face in a group the more attractive the face. This experiment was done by taking five similar generic faces and using computers to find the average both men and women found the straight corresponding sex the most affective, but for our purposes, yea women were most attracted to the most average same looking motherfucker.

Alright now we just have to pick one right? No! Women are not a one answer explains everything group, the truth is at the end of the day a woman picks what she wants based on how she is feeling that day or what she happens to like at a certain point in her life. 

E.g when a woman is ovulating and can get pregnant not only is she more sexually adventurous and more attractive ( I kid you not, clearer skin, swollen breasts etc) at this time she is more open to sleeping with men based primarily on looks, size and strength.

Women go on sex vacation just as much as men do. You know how you travel and go “I’m getting some”, women do the same thing and are frankly more efficient at it, shout out to my VA Beach Summer Bootcamp


The number one female fetish in America (aside from money) is black men, blame slavery and racism and the rise in prominence of hip-hop culture. But not being black is no excuse, honestly just taking on some characteristics of black culture is often good enough. (Yea yea, we are all going to feel some kind of way, but my job is to provide actionable intelligence.)  Examples of this are, Justin Timberlake and Channing Tatum. 

Aside from this every culture has their attractive archetypes lean into that.


The things most attractive about guys, (your game if you will) translates across, race, culture and language barriers, the only thing that can stop it, is actual racism against your race personally, but that often hides sexual attraction also. (Not gonna explain, you can imagine.)  

Point is, to the amount you are a leader, are disagreeable within reason, are dominant and strong and are in touch with your feelings, you will do well with women from all cultures. But there will be women that don’t want you purely based on the color of your skin, and you won’t believe it. Listen to them and don’t waste your time. There are so many other women.


Not being white is no excuse, not being black is no excuse, simply put there is no race that has an excuse not to get girls in America. It’s not racism it’s laziness. Take a speaking class, control the accent, update your clothes, get friends from other cultures, (you are in a different country for God’s sakes, you know who you are!) Play sports, work out, promote racial harmony and world peace with your very being.

Now get to it, and God bless America!

Gori Olufon