The Harvard Theory Or How Seducer's Aura Works

The Harvard Theory

Desirable women are a lot like Ivy league schools they only want to hear from the best of the best and even THEY aren’t guaranteed a place in their student body.

So they screen, HARD, Harvard’s current acceptance rate is 4.59%-- let that sink in. And that’s just of people wanting to go to a school where most of it’s students biggest accomplishment will be going to the school. 

Now the problem with a school that screens so hard is there needs to be a good reason for that. They literally need the best students or else everyone will realize the school is a sham and is not that big a deal, then no one will want to go to it. This is it’s vulnerability, it’s need for the best students.

What does this have to do with getting girls?

Simple hot girls screen hard, but have to say yes to someone or else they will not be as highly valued, simply put if Taylor Swift never dated anyone, no one would try hard to date Taylor Swift, I mean I still would, but you see my point.

Put another way if gold was impossible to get no one would want it as much. Or even money, money is valuable because we all agree money is valuable. So Harvard and hot girls are valuable because we all agree Harvard and hot girls are valuable.

Now Harvard uses transcripts (read money) to decide who to let in. Just like hot girls use swagger (read money) to decide who to let in, but if I have transcripts I can fool Harvard into letting me in. And if I have swagger I can fool hot girls into letting me in.

Harvard and hot girls assume, that transcripts and swagger, come with money, they usually do, but not always, but neither has the time to look into you too thoroughly, especially since their screening processes are so harsh. So when you actually pass through the screen they go from actively trying to keep you out, to actively trying to get you in.

In English.

If you do all the right things a woman that is used to shutting men down, will be compelled to chase after you till she gets you. I realized this when I was talking to a young lady and she said

HB: You’re not taking me home.

Me: That’s cool I have a girl I like.

She responds by doing a complete 180 and arguing with me about why I should take her home. This is what I believe Style meant by Seducer’s Aura.