High Powered Women And Dating: Thoughts For The Dater And Datee

High Powered Women And Testosterone Or What In the H*** Does This Have To Do With Women Dating!!!

(Men And Women)

Hello Illuminati,

I am in the process of pair-bonding with a young woman, so I am acutely aware when my testosterone clashes with her biological reproductive strategy, she naturally wants me to think things through to make my life better, the hormone that makes me want to do dumb high risk stuff is testosterone. This is the literal meaning of being whipped.

A: “I’m going through life problems I want to drink in the morning!”

B: “No!”


A: “I want to have sex with you every second, of every minute of every hour of every day!”

B: “I have a job! I need to sleep!! YOU’RE A MONSTER!!!”

*I think you can guess who’s who. (Or maybe not, lol)

Okay she didn’t say that last part but yea. It’s not very far off. The cycle goes something like this, I see her, I smell her (hair, skin) I get super turned on, I imagine my brain is being flooded with testosterone, so I have an overwhelming need to have her, even when it is not reasonable.

It’s overwhelming but because I care about her so much I try to hold it back, and I get locked up (in my head) and it crushes me and takes up all my thoughts and the only thing stopping me from feeling rejected, getting defensive and sexually frustrated. Is that I care about her (I’m still frustrated.) But I realize she needs to know she isn’t just a blow-up doll to me. So I turn it into work, or acts of service, that’s called sublimation and is how we created civilization and every great achievement. 

More in another blog.

What’s The Point?

Testosterone is a super powerful hormone and while it is mostly good, it can help lock you into detrimental patterns of behaviors. E.g getting frustrated and shutting down when things don’t go well with men, which leads to men pulling away, which leads to further frustration and shutting down and creates a spiral.

Even when your assertive problem-solving behavior works wonders at work and brings you huge amounts of respect, money, acclaim etc, that same behavior that cows men in the work place and makes them want to follow you, will make them want to run for the hills in your dating life.



Characteristics of Women High In Testosterone. (High Powered Women)

High In Disagreeableness

  • Pursue Power

  • Take more risks 

  • Decisive

  • Compartmentalize their emotions

  • Intimidate men

  • More sexually aggressive

  • More assertive

  • More aggressive

  • Essentially think and act more like men, than most women.


All right this is all very well and good but how does this help you with dating men?

Simple, as a man, I’m all of the above just more so, I use my testosterone, my strength my maleness to woo her. I listen, I care, I stick up for her. I use my aggressive nature to make her laugh and show her I’ll use it to protect her, and our potential children, never to hurt her. Consider yourself a lioness, (ladies) one of the strongest, most fearsome and aggressive beings on earth, but she has friends, she shows love and rears cubs,  and she dates and mates.

So take your raw power and repurpose it, when the strong are gentle, it is even more obvious, noticeable and so even more attractive, this is why there is such a pop-cultural fascination with strong female characters like Wonder Woman and Black Widow.

(Now For Some Verbal Jui-Jitsu

Deeper Actionable Explanation)

Benevolent Condescension :

Ladies if you are in the presence of a man that is engaging with you and you are not sure he is more dominant, humor him. He might be, he might not be but you are a merciful and patient lioness today, 

while he is but a human, might he dominate you (in a pleasant way of course) yes, he is a human man after all, it’s possible. Can you partner with him and rely on each other as you venture through the wilderness of life, absolutely. And finally could he just be in over his head, yea could be. Point is you will never know if the first thing you do is try to bite off his head.

Metaphor 2.

You are the adult. Smile, nod, be encouraging, if the guy is no threat, and could never be, what’s the fun in crushing him? Check him out, see what he’s good at (read good for) you get an ego boost, you make his month, and everyone moves on with their lives.

The idea here is to short circuit your natural aggressiveness (don’t get hung up on this, I am on your side) and repurpose it to work for you when it comes to dating. Essentially date like a guy, just be better, sexier and more subtle at it. (Beat men at their own game.)


I didn’t forget about you fellas. Now you have a deeper understanding of dominant powerful women (there are many kinds of power and many ways women wield it). She will always see you as below her till you prove her wrong, but fighting her will never work, she wins by saying ’No’. So instead engage and challenge her like you would a high value male. She will be intrigued, since most of the men she meets are pu***s to her. Keep your confidence about you, and do not allow yourself to be bullied under any circumstances, instead when you let her have her way, you do it out of graciousness and service not out of subordination and being conquered, there is a difference and she will be able to tell. Remember “The weak never know when to give way”.

*Dating is not fair, or politically correct, this is about what works, so let us get into it.

Friends, countrymen lend me your ears, for I am the Truth and I have come to set you free. Plus it’s warm out and time to get this whole dating thing handled. Check me out.