Always Be Closing Or ABC


Always Be Closing Or ABC

Hello Illiuminati,

Always be closing? What does that mean? Always be closing is goal setting in real time.

I hope all of you are constantly setting and writing down goals, extremely important, but sometimes, you are not able to write a goal down, sometimes life surprises you and you have to call an audible.

When that happens, what do you do? You check the possible ways to deal with the situation against your original goals.

Now is this an unnatural, not spontaneous way to approach women? Not at all, it turns out other humans quite like it, when you have a plan, a goal or a destination. And no one likes to be led around by someone who doesn't know where they are going. It's incongruent.

Now we have covered some of the theory behind always be closing, what are some of the things we can do practically to always be closing? 

Over Arching Goals:

Attraction, Sexual and or Romantic Interest

Comfort, Rapport

Time bridge including phone number and activity to do together


 Make out.


Time spent in front of. Essentially the more time you spend with her when you first meet, the more of a chance she has to like you.

So by all means leave and come back, but be there more than you are not.

Don’t peace out just because she is leaving escort her.

(Who knows she may suddenly grab you and pull you into her car or decide to go with you, this literally happens everyday all over the world. And it’s happened to me more times than I can shake a stick at.)


In order to close you need to be present, in the moment and focused, logistics (transpo, locations, condoms) have to be set up. Your inner game has to be aligned with your goals, your goals have to be aligned with your behavior. You have to be congruent. And you have to be able to listen with your being.

Aside from knowing how to truly listen audibly to another person, you have to be able to read body language and cold read at a higher than average rate. Because body language and cold reading will be how you make sense of the subtext you “hear” or rather “see” when talking to a woman.

Now let us observe various scenarios.

Bar Or Club

  1. Open

  2. Introduce yourself but instead of shaking hands you hug

  3. Hold her hand observing her ring.

  4. Take her hands ask her to dance.

  5. Protect and maneuver her through the crowd.


  7. You look in her eyes

  8. You get her number

  9. You kiss

  10. You escort her out of the club to her car, or you suggest she leave with you or you with her.

Day Game

  1. Open

  2. Shake hands

  3. If you insolate, take her arm, olden day style or hold her hand middle school style.

  4. If you make her laugh really hard and hold eye contact, she will often respond by staring back at you, this is your window to lean in and kiss.

  5. Exchange numbers

  6. Suggest you leave with her, or she leaves with you.

Day 2

  1. Big hug

  2. Hold her hands

  3. See 4, for the kiss close

  4. If it’s a restaurant you may pause there, but if you have privacy you can go 2 steps forward

  5. So you can take one step back and say, “We can’t be doing this” and suggest the privacy of her or your place.

Her Or Your Place

How you chose to escalate in private is up to the both of you which is the beauty of it. This list merely helps.

It should ideally be neat and tidy.

  1. Toilet paper, is apparently important

  2. So is WiFi

  3. Alcohol is key

  4. Condoms, lube. (Carry around your own condoms, it could save your life)

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