Truth's Dating Communications Seminar (Pros In The City)

Truth’s Dating Communications Seminar

Anyone here ever saw a beautiful woman they wanted to talk to and didn’t?

Anyone ever been in love with a girl and felt powerless to do anything about it?

Anyone ever been so frustrated with Tinder you thought it was bull****?



-Give your qualifications

-Give some history

-State your current goals/ philosophy



Inner Game: What is it? 

     Why is it important?

Actionable strategies In Real Life: The nuts and bolts. Look at your cheat sheets. 

  Attraction. Comfort. Seduction

Actionable Strategies Online: 40% of people now meet online and that number is set         to rise.


As far as I’m concerned you have all paid a $1000 and I will give you everything I have in the time I have.

Write your questions down, trust me.


What is confidence? Why calmness is preferable. 8 count Breathing.

Approach anxiety. What is it? How to overcome it.

Attractors: Features. Strengths, weaknesses. Overcoming.

Comfort builders: Features. Strengths. Weaknesses. Overcoming.

Body language: Smile. Look people in the eye. Don’t close off. Take up space. Touch, touch, touch.

Why rejection is a good thing. Confidence illustrator. Rejection games. She’s helping you get on to the next one.

Goals. Lists. Screening and being high value.

1-10 what you want in a woman

1-10 what you want out of life

1-10 what you want when you go out

55mins: Why lists are so important. A map. Creates agency and urgency. Ease of screening. Confident you are on the right track. Everyone else is winging it and even children hate people without plans. How much more women.

Actionable strategies In Real Life:


False time constraint

Demonstrate Higher Value

Neg target

Disarm Obstacles/ Demonstrate Higher Value

Neg target

Hook point/ How do you all know each other?

Isolate/ I’ve been ignoring your friend

Mental connection

Physical Connection

Time bridge

Bounce 3x

Take home/ stick like glue/ or leave




The most important thing to you is your wing, not the girl.

You never argue with or turn against your wing

You always introduce and show love to your wing.

You never abandon your wing

The wings only job is to help the player get his girl, if he can get a girl of is own in the process, cool, but that is secondary.

Actionable Strategies Online:


Best possible pics

Job pic

Show off pic

Don’t smile. Piercing eye contact.

Profile: Short, end with a question. Best qualities up front. 

Good job, good school, travel, whatever keep it short.

How women screen?

Only 15% of you are worth anything to women online. Your job is to be in that 15%

You start with 10 POINTS!!! You Can’t Gain Points. But You Can Certainly Lose Points!!!

Matching. Start by liking everyone. If your profile is working properly you will get overwhelmed and have to start screening.





Clever opener e.g Just a small town girl…

Suggest meeting

Pull back ask 3 rapport questions e.g What do you look for in a man? 

What makes you the most happy? What are you famous for?

Invite her to ask you three questions as well. Make it a game, say at the end , we win meeting.

After this ask for her number, if you don’t get it she is a time waster, know that and act accordingly.

Why does this work? Because people like to earn things. If she does not feel tested, if she gets the meet with you too easily, she won’t value you.

Once you get the number. Text her with it. Warn her you are switching platforms before hand then set a date. More on that in a moment.

Before the date ask for pics, so you don’t get cat-fished or someone that looks completely different.

The Date

Set the date for somewhere close to you or to her

e.g coffee shop

Bonus: If you set it for an hour before the establishment closes, if it goes well, you will need to go somewhere, like either of your places, only now it isn’t weird.

Be on time.

Be prepared to pay.

Greet her with a hug do not accept a hand shake, ask for one if necessary. If she refuses, red flag.

Make her laugh.

Hold her hand, cheesy? Yes. Effective? Devastatingly so. Why?

Advanced, hold eye contact wait for stillness, lean in, even if it is deflected you get points for trying.

For the rest you will have to take a class with me.



Today we covered

Inner game

Actionable strategies in real life. (Cold Approach)

Actionable strategies online.


I will now take questions.

At End.

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