What To Say To A Woman Or Say What You Need To Say


What To Say To A Girl Or Say What You Need To Say

Hello Illuminati,

On Routines:

I have been getting a variation of the question of what do I say lately. And I frankly did not understand the question, until I realized a lot of you are actually new to Dating communication and do not know what a routine is.

A routine was a script that early game users wielded in their quest to be more interesting to the opposite sex. And they were devastatingly effective because that is how scripts work, people think you are just saying things off the cuff, mean while everything you are saying has been meticulously thought out, like an actor in a play or movie, or a stand up comedian, or a debt collection specialist or a sales expert.

Further more these 'routines' were chosen specifically to be super interesting to women. So as you can imagine everyone including me, rushed to learn them, you can guess where this is going.

So what had happened was every guy started using them and women started to notice a weird thing, every guy was starting to say the same things, like exactly, word for word, and trying to act like their words were completely spontaneous.

This was a direct result of the community growing, so routines fell out of fashion.

I used some, and I did because they work, it was nice to have a safety net if I ran out of things to say, or something I could whip out on auto pilot to entertain a group of girls. And here is the thing, you can too, now is the perfect time to learn two or three routines to help you.

My progression went 80% 20% in favor of routines to start.

Then 50% 50% because I read a lot and could twist my knowledge into routines for myself.

Then 20% 80% in favor of my just talking.

Now I am 99% just talking and 1% routines, if that. But to be fair, I amassed enough knowledge to teach, so I am an extreme example.

Point being I used routines and they helped and you can too, especially now, that no one else is.

On Just Talking

And now the other part of the equation, for those of you that are worried about running out of things to say, (which was a legit concern), we come to just talking. 

What do you say? How do you say it? When do you say it? Let's dive in.

The good news is it's not what you say, but how you say it and how you look saying it that are the most important factors, there are stats but they change, they essentially prove the same thing. So the most important factor when talking to a girl is you look like you know what you are talking about. Which was easy to do with a routine. So in order not to bury the lead we will focus on how you look talking first.

1. Plant your feet.

Shuffling or pacing while talking messes with your credibility.

2. Speak up.

You are absolutely not speaking loudly enough (more than likely) so raise that manly voice. Humans are actually programmed to listen to and be more readily convinced by loudness.

3. Maintain eye contact.

Don't stare her or them down, but if you do, that is favorable to looking at the ground. Find a middle ground.

4. Don't Fidget.

That way, you don't look like a liar, liar pants on FIRE! 

5. Do be excited about what you are saying.

The idea being if you are convinced then the audience, I mean the person you are talking to, will be convinced as well.

6. Use voices and act the story out.

It makes the story more interesting and fun to listen to.

7. Practice your stories on your friends.

Yes, rehearse, your stories till they come across and take people on the journey you want to take them on.

8. Know when to abandon or cut a conversational thread.

Say you are in the middle of a story with a one set, and three of her home girls (yes, I said 'home girls') appear out of no where, do you 

A. Continue the story because, you are at the finale?


B. Start a brand new story that the whole 'squad' can enjoy together?

Also on a related note. Don't be boring, you'll know because you will be bored while saying boring stuff, the reason, obvi, is you don't want to bore her.

But also you don't want to let her be boring either, because she will be bored not even consider it might be her and blame you, rationalizing that she is not bored when talking to other guys, when all they really did was not let her be boring in the first place. Capiche?

9. Don't be a convo Nazi, be convo Allied

My point is rather than seeking to monopolize the conversation out right, in a group or one on one, rather seek to be an M.C a master of ceremonies of sorts, that instead seeks to let everyone feel heard. You make yourself the defacto facilitator, that stops people (never yourself) from being interrupted and summarizing / active listening so everyone feels heard.

“Talk to a person about themselves and they will listen for hours.”

10. Listen like a thief.

Listening is so very important. Here is a whole blog, within a blog on it.


And finally let me leave you with this, live an interesting life, learn interesting things, chase interesting goals and your conversations will be interesting.

Here is a link to my Seminar In D.C on the 28th of April