Dating In D.C As A Woman And Dating In D.C As A Man Is Not Equal Or D.C Women Are Victims Of Their Own Success

Hello Illuminati (how appropriate, since a certain section of D.C women are so successful, they might as well BE the Illuminati). 

D.C women you are one of the most highly educated, highest earning, and highest performing groups of beings on the planet.  And this is truly  wonderful and a testament to why America is one of the greatest nations on earth.  In societies where women’s rights are upheld prosperity follows, this is self evident, but is not the issue this blog will be tackling, we will be tackling the dating problems this creates for D.C women.

“ The women at female-dominated institutes of higher education are finding it increasingly difficult to arrange dating relationships of even moderate duration. In consequence, they must settle, if inclined, for a hook-up, or sequential hook-ups.” - 12 Rules For Life, Jordan B. Peterson /Career and Marriage page 299.

Alright, women are out pacing men in education, (but this is not what this blog is about), and so are outpacing men in high earning jobs, some men care and aim to be masters of the universe, but most just want enough to be comfortable.

This presents a very real and particular problem for straight women that worked their way to the top of the hill, (pun intended) at least when it comes to dating, why? Blame biology, men are quite happy to date, below and across from them in status (some even prefer it, at least when it comes to age) status here, is economic, education, high-powered career, age, social dominance etc. 

While women only wish to date above themselves in status, why and is this chauvinist? (Feminist?) Biologically women seek to be taken care of during pregnancy, and taking care of children is hard enough without her having to “take care” of a less dominant man as well. (The unemployed men do not even make the running.) Is this chauvinist? Does it matter? Nothing about dating, {read} natural-selection is fair. ( If you take issue with this, you are literally blaming yourself.)  

Where does this leave women? Ironically, it leaves high status women where it leaves a lot of upwardly mobile young men, chasing after a very limited subset of mates in a highly, highly, (Highly!) competitive market. Ironically it’s the very success of these women that makes the comparably small market of “higher” status men so difficult to reach, what’s worse (or better depending) is these men know it, they know just how highly sought after they are, which leads some, (not all) to act like f***boys. (Yes, that is a technical term.)

So, the age old choice of kids versus career did not go anywhere, unless of course you meet that higher status male that is not intimidated by you and supports whatever choice you make, but wait, the reason this is “the age old choice” is because, raising children actually DOES take effort and without help, actually IS a full time job, or at least one that does not lend itself to being performed side by side with a high-powered career; one will suffer. “But some women can!” I hear no one say, yea, those women have what is known as stay-at-home husbands or simply outsource child care to nannies (au pairs) and boarding schools,  I don’t judge that, it’s efficient.

Solution? Not my purview nor am I qualified to answer. Dr. Peterson says gender politics is exasperating the problem. And I do believe, seeing as I was a boy in school, that school is designed to engage girls/women more efficiently than boys/men.

But again this is one man’s opinion and not the purview of this blog nor does that help “us” in an immediate manner.  My professional advice is the same as I would give men in this same situation, and luckily this advice befits a community of some the most advanced people on Earth (D.C women).

Ladies do what you do best, to quote the Marines “adapt and overcome”, and to those that take issue with using fighting as the metaphor, may I remind you there is nothing fair about dating and the biological principle of evolution still holds, life is “survival of the fittest.”

In conclusion, live your lives for yourselves, that’s where you will find your partners, and if all of this is daunting or confusing, I can and would very much like to help.

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