Do Not Gather Snakes To Your Bosom Or Some People Are Irreparably Broken

(This applies to men and women.)

In dating as well as in life there will be those people we like or even love, we know are messed up, deceitful, take no responsibility for their lives and are ultimately dangerous.

But we see the good in them, we know, we can help them. If only they thought more, took responsibility, made better decisions, “it’s not that hard” we think, but we are wrong, for some people it is. Some people don’t want to get better, improve or take responsibility.

Instead they secretly, unconsciously, insidiously, hate you, for your beauty, your youth, your talents, your abilities and your successes. It eats away at them on the inside, instead of wishing you well and becoming determined to rise to your level, they seek to drag you down with them. Picture a bucket full of crabs, they could escape if they worked together but none ever do, because they drag each other down. This is why you have to be careful when rescuing someone drowning, they don’t “mean to” but they will drown you if you let them.

Again know, don’t think, know that these people HATE YOU. They do, they want to see you fall and will do anything they can to see you fall, to bring them up.

It could be your best friend, a parent, a girl-friend, a boy-friend, a boss, a teacher, a student or client. Be careful.

Here are 10 Things to Look for in people close to you, that you suspect are this type.

1. They flatter you to the point, you are uncomfortable: If someone sings your praises so much, that it becomes cloying and you honestly wish they’d stop, watch them.

 2. If the person ruins key moments in your life: Such as picking a fight on a birthday, are late when you really need them to not be, or do not come through at an important time and when you bring it up they feign ignorance or try to blame it on you, watch out now.

3. If the person refuses to take responsibility for anything in their lives: You know the type, they are constantly having to be bailed out of situations, without learning the lesson to stop a repeat. They are full of excuses and deep detailed explanations for why this plan they had didn’t happen or that project fell through and none of it involves them changing a thing.

4. If the person is incapable of listening to you: Such people simply wait for their turn to speak or might not even wait before jumping in with a response, that links back to how they would have done this or that better. Minimizing what you are sharing and bringing the topic back to themselves. Step away from this person slowly at first, then run!

 5. If a person wants to be you: If you can actually feel a person wanting your life, your skills, your status, your money, if they want to possess you and are consumed by jealousy when you are around or relate to others, watch out. You might feel they love you but they don’t love you, they want to possess, use, consume and ******** you out.

These people exist and are Evil and are on their way to becoming worse and worse. “But Truth you’re exaggerating, I love this person and this person loves me, they would never hurt me” Yea, I’m sure a lot of people thought that right before they were murdered. (I’m not making light of murder.)

  1. You are most likely to be murdered by someone you know. The closer the more dangerous. Significant other and “friend”  are 1st and 2nd on the list.

  2. You are most likely to be murdered in the context of an argument.

*I would personally hate to be murdered by someone I was close to, who I am in an argument with, even if the argument only exists in this Evil person’s head.

(If you are upset good, if it’s with me, please read till the end. And if you aren’t hold on to your hats. (Or socks))

That said, these Evil people, are not alone, this may be hard to hear but their victims share the responsibility not the blame because ultimately our decisions make our lives.

 This is not a political post and I am not running for office. But, if I am warned not to go somewhere or calamity will befall me and I go there and calamity befalls me, it is my fault.

We pick our personal relationships, and if we are with an Evil person, a part of us knows, even if we chose to ignore it. 


“We are all in the relationships, we deserve”

6. Respect Yourself: I don’t mean that as a buzz word, I mean that literally and seriously, if you are torn between putting up with disrespect in your relationship versus being alone. Chose being alone, that way you leave the door open for someone that respects you. Leaving an even mildly abusive person is always the right choice. That’s how they start. If they truly care this might get them to stop.

7.  Admit your faults: We all have flaws and faults, ignoring them just makes them worse. Evil people use our flaws against us. I for instance am attracted to women with mild mental disorders that compliment my own. It’s my love map, how I was taught to love, now I can ignore that about myself and date without screening for dangerous people, under the misguided idea I am in love, lust, she’s perfect, “whatever”, meet a dangerous person and irreparably ruin my life. Or I can screen for women who’s thinking disorders will ruin my financial and emotional life and though it might hurt, cut them out of my life.

      F.Y.I my solution is not to run from women I’m attracted to but to screen for those that are dangerously unstable.

      Point being, know what you are attracted to, the good and the bad and create filters through which to screen and prevent future problems.

8.    Don’t Get Sucked In: Don’t marry someone you just met. Don’t financially support anyone in exchange for love. Don’t get sucked into someone else’s dysfunctional world. Don’t be love-bombed into submission. 

 9. Under No Circumstances Should You Allow Yourself to be Isolated

Physically: When you hear “Let’s go to my cabin.” from someone you met a week ago.  Film, film, film where he (or she) is taking you. 

Post, post, post to social media and  call, call, call your friends and let them know where you will be and who with.

 Mentally: When you hear “I don’t like your friends”. “I don’t like your family.” Get closer with your friends, get closer with your family.

 Financially: “You don’t need to work I got it.” Work anyway or at least save. Or conversely if you hear “Buy me…, buy me…, buy me!” learn how to say ‘no’.

 Emotionally: “No one gets me”, “I just have bad luck.” If nothing ever goes right for a person, pay attention it might just be them. And as I said before they will take you down with them, without a second thought. 

10. To round this out I will quote the wheel of control. 

          1. Intimidation

          2. Emotional abuse

          3. Isolation

          4. Minimizing, denying and blaming.

          5. Using children and pets.

          6. Using privilege.

          7. Economic abuse.

          8. Coercion and threats.

Wikipedia Abusive Power And Control

For those who ask “Who are you to say all this?”

I’ve been stabbed through the heart (literal psycho), and had women try to destroy my life and livli-hood more times than I care to admit. My love map is jacked up because of my 

childhood and I have all the traits to be a ‘good’ bad person. I chose not to be. And that goes for everyone else, we all have great potential for Evil because life is suffering, we also 

have great potential for good, because we help others or get help to overcome the suffering, avoid those that pick Evil.