Find Your Joy And Stop Caring So Much Or Find Joy, Care Less


Find your Joy and Stop Caring So Much Or Find Joy, Care Less

Hello Illuminati,

How’s it going? It’s Spring now, so things are moving fast. I went to another company’s event, and by their own admission how they do business is unsustainable.

They promote a ‘winning sex from women mentality’. And a lot of women I met pointed to this kind of behavior when they explain their own combativeness towards men.

So, to the misogynists hiding under the guise of ‘Game’ and the Man-haters hiding under the guise of Feminism, your days are numbered.

Main stream societies eye’s are open now, and we will never accept you, just like we don’t accept racism or any other kind of bigotry.

On to the Blog.


Find Your Joy

Smiling, taking up space, large body language, moving with energy, standing up straight, looking in people’s eyes, encouraging touch, laughing and a willingness to engage with people.

What are all these the characteristics of? These are the characteristics of a happy individual. And it is more attractive than all the purple furry vests in the world. (Maybe not more so than a Lambo, but I can’t see your Lambo inside the club.) And not just attractive to women, this is attractive to anyone. Visible joy, is infectious, it brings friends to you, it makes bosses like you and makes people enjoy working with you. (Ever had to spend time with a sad person?)

Having joy or the ability to find your own joy is so attractive, because joy is shared, the joyful give and everybody wants some. They don’t take. The joyful provide almost pure value, they don’t need to be reassured, they don’t need validation, they aren’t bored and in need of entertainment and they are not searching for someone to fill the hole in their hearts.

They aren’t perfect but at least they show us how to deal with adversity and still live our lives with grace.

How to find Joy?

  1. Set and pursue dreams

  2. Work out

  3. Eat right

  4. Sleep

  5. Spend time with friends and family

  6. Consume comedy

  7. Meditate

  8. Move your focus off of yourself and onto helping others.

  9. Dance, often, sillily and for no reason (Is sillily a word?!)

  10. Sing out loud, with the radio, whether people are there or not.

Stop Caring So Much

I don’t mean give up on conscientiousness, you need that to succeed in life, and I don’t mean stop working hard for the things you want. What I do mean is, worry about yourself, and what you are thinking and learn to not give a f*** what other people think. Men, women, kids, animals, whoever.

What’s the point? Why should you care? That said I’m not advocating throwing away the social contract, or being a complete dick. Some guys put all their life into “getting women” and put on this air of ‘I don’t care.’ But it’s obvious you do, and it’s a little pathetic, and this is coming from me a Dating Coach.

So don’t pretend not to care, don’t be a d***, instead actually, don’t care what other people think. How?

  1. Do what you think is right.

Believe it or not, you actually know.

  1. Worrying about what other people think is like worrying about a figment of someone else’s imagination.

If I think about what someone else is thinking, I may or may not be right but often it’s not even important enough to bring up or I don’t even know the person.

My wondering about what a woman I have not met yet, thinks of me, my allowing that to take up mental space and create anxiety about it makes little sense.

  1. People can sense when you care too much:

It’s the equivalent of showing all your cards too early. Of seeking rapport too early. Ever hung out with someone that wants something from you, and it’s obvious, but you don’t want anything from them? Yea. That’s how people feel when you care too much about what they think.

  1. People will use what you want to control you. 

So if you don’t want anything, or hide what you want, what you want can not be used against you.

  1. The ability to walk away is sexy.

This is because it shows confidence in yourself, no matter what we go through in life the main person that will or should always have your back is yourself. So love yourself, respect yourself and hold yourself in high regard, before you expect anyone else to.


Cliff Notes:

Find joy and care less or care less and find joy.

I teach Women, Boot Camps now.