Addressing The Creepy Elephant With The Hidden Camera In The Room Or Your Drive For Sex Is Your Drive For Love

Addressing The Creepy Elephant With The Hidden Camera In The Room. Or Just So You Know Your Drive For Sex Is Your Drive For Love

When I first got into pick up and then into dating communications. It was an exciting innocent time, not innocent like Disney but innocent like the 70’s, adult innocent. Yea there was sex but it was more a celebration of it, featuring men and women showing love to one another.

The community was a little goofy, you had Mystery in a silly hat and Style being non-threatening as can be. They came up with a book and showed us young men that we didn’t need, money or to be in a frat or looks to get girls, just ingenuity and instruction.

Fast forward, I got good, am I a saint? F**** no!, but with every celebration I had with a beautiful woman there was also a morose good bye, but no one got hurt maliciously, was there heart break, recriminations even infidelity? Yes, but you don’t have to be a dating coach to go through that, all you have to be is a young person coming of age in modern day America. No excuses, I could have taken another path but I didn’t. I own it, and I love me.

All that brings me to filming people, that don’t know they are being filmed, in order to market pick-up. Everyone did it, they filmed unsuspecting women 

that thought they were having real moments, for monetary gain.

That was where I drew the line. And as my dating communications company grew ( friends and students told me this is how business is done. 

And I get it, people want to know if you are legit, actors audition, athletes tryout, and everyone wants to see, what you got before they buy.

And I’m not even talking about people who secretly film women while having sex with them, that should be a felony. I’m talking about just filming a woman in a public place while talking to her. The drop off point for me, is filming people without, their knowledge or consent.

With consent, do what you want, within reason, the world is too big for anyone to censor anyone else.

That said, it is so creepy, and I get it, testosterone, makes guys and some women take risks, miss judge and do dumb stuff, but filming people without their consent is f#$%& up, making money off of it is just too much. We all came from women, moms, sisters, someday some of us will have daughters. Think!

And here’s the worst part, our drive for sex, is really our drive for love, and people just corrupt it. Dating, Game, Pick up, whatever you want to call it, is not about wining, if I find the one and marry her, did I win and she lose? Answer: No. Did she win and I lose? Answer: No. The only way this works is if I love her and she loves me.

9 out of 10, love is where you are going, where I’m going, this is where (for the most part, with a few exceptions) we are all going. So lets try not to f**** it up too much before we get there.

In conclusion, men and women we are team mates. The few that try to pit us against each other are evil, lets not let them win.