Tinder In D.C ReMastered

Tinder In D.C ReMastered

"Because of dating apps, equality, birth control, and the ability to hide sex from social groups, people can now date and have sex with multiple, different people indefinitely and never actually have to settle down." -Gori 'The Truth' Olufon

Hello Illuminati,

I love D.C so much, you guys have got it made, you have the highest (or one of the highest) concentrations of young hot women of everywhere in the country excepts maybe L.A.
Right now women's concerns are being heard more, which means they are getting their rights respected more, which means they have more responsibility, which means they have more sex, with more people on average.
And I know I teach this stuff, but everyone is super attractive to someone, which means you are super attractive to a type, which is a BIG population. Long story short, there is no excuse for being a guy in D.C and having a bad sex life (within reason)
I have researched a bunch of dating apps.
Tinder is still the best, Happn is new (basically a live app for people who don't have game) and Feeld for threesomes. I will research these and blog or vlog about them for you. 
But right now I am on a Tinder hot streak so.

1. Put Your Best Foot Forward.
Invest in two professional quality pictures. One in a suit, the other showing off your greatest strength. E.g If you are jacked it's you with your shirt off. If you are rich it's with a picture of what you value, your car say. If you are a natural leader or performer it's you leading or performing.
*Everyone has a photographer friend, if you don't, find one.

2. The Bio
Tinder is a hook-up app! No one really cares about your bio, unless you are a gifted writer, or have something truly amazing to say, no one cares. In fact bios mostly serve to give her a reason NOT to contact you.

Imagine when she comes across you, you have 10 points.
First pic, suit, ok he looks good, we live in D.C he gets it. 10pts
2nd pic, Oh this is what he has to show off for me. Nice. 10pts.
3rd. This pic is not as good as the first two. 9pts
4th Another pic, really? 8pts
5th Oh he went to so and so college, I like that college. 8pts
6th I don't like that college. 7pts
7th Oh cool job 7pts
8th Uncool job 6pts
9th He uses emoji cool. 6pts
10th He uses emoji uncool. 5pts
11th Bio, he's making me read. 4pts
12th I like this. 4pts
13th I don't like this. 3pts
14th He's too good for me. 2pts
15th He's not good enough for me. 1pt
16th Now I already know everything about him. There's no mystery. 0pts

As you can see, you don't gain points because if she is interested, she is interested. You can only lose them. It's like the old sales rule, if a customer is buying, shut up! You continuing to talk can only, give them a reason not to.

1. Suit pic 10pts
2. Show off pic. 10pts
3. No job shown, interesting. 10pts
4. No job shown, I can't tell if he's rich. 9pts
5. No bio. Interesting. 9pts
6. No bio. I can't tell what I don't like about him, I have to actually talk to him. 9pts.
7. No Bio. I can't tell what I don't like about him. I don't like that he has no bio. 8pts

Adding all the fluff (extra pics, school, emoji, bio, spotify etc) puts you in the boy-friend zone. And you might think, "hey that's Awesome!" Let me finish. The boy-friend zone is the zone of I make him wait, I correct him and turn him into a beta dependable mate, who I control with sex.

On the other hand, (I will call this the Sexy zone), in the Sexy zone you show you have the dominant characteristics she wants, she sleeps with you to keep you in her life and you can chose to be her boy-friend afterwards.

I don't mean to sound crass but the fact is a romantic relationship begins at sex. Everything before that is heightened friendship, which is why when she pulls the breaks, the zone you end up in is that of the friend.

3. Swipe Yes on everyone:
There is literally no reason not to. It saves time, it's more efficient and allows for women that find you interesting to say so.
You can always delete or ignore unsuitable matches. Is that harsh? Maybe, but she will not think twice about doing the same thing to you.
Plus I know dating is fun and all, but survival and replication is literally why you are here, (and helping people) so take it seriously.

4. Ask and invite her to ask, three personal questions: you can both use this to screen each other. Use this on all your suitable matches simultaneously.

5. Ask for a coffee date:
After the three question thing. You don't get points for not asking. And if she ignores the question you know she is a 'time waster' (a girl on tinder, for validation with no actual plans to EVER meet you).

6. Set the date Near You: 
And for an hour before the shop closes. That way you can bring her back to your place.

This also works the other way, innocently ask where she lives and see if she sets up something close to her.

Be flexible.

7. Don't be Bullied:
You have not met her, you are not dating yet, she (and you) have merely earned the right to meet, if you do meet. So act accordingly.

8. Keep food Open as an option:
The problem with D.C is it has some of the finest dining in the world, so naturally women want to check these places out with guys. So if you like her indulge her. 
If she asks you, she pays or you split it.
If you ask her, you pay or you split it.
Either way it can't be a big deal, she has limited information on you, and 'cheap' is not something you can come back from.
'Sucker' just means you never have to see her again.
But mostly if a woman respects you, (because you aren't only seeking rapport, and you show her you can be disagreeable within reason) she will usually suggest splitting.

9. Touch from the get go.

10. Always push to spend more time with her if you can. (That is how lays happen.)

11. And if you don't have sex on the first meet, hang in there. Use the 7hour rule.

The 7 Hour rule, is 7 hours is the average amount of time it takes for a woman to feel comfortable enough with you to sleep with you, all things being equal.
This includes, face to face time, texting and phone calls as well as other means of communicating.

-Gori 'The Truth' Olufon is a Dating Coach that specializes in young adult dating. I work with men and women to help them have better dating lives.

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