Keep Moving Forward Or You Get Better, Accept It And Move On


Keep Moving Forward Or You Get Better, Accept It And Move On

Hello Illuminati,

It occurs to me, it doesn't occur to some of you, you will get better and probably are better, you have outgrown, how you dress, where you game, your friends, your wings and most importantly the level and kinds of women you go after.

I have students that started out going after say 7's, they got good at getting 7's but they go after these women over and over, because it's familiar, because it's comfortable, because this is what they know, but then they have the gall to tell me they are bored.

Of course you're bored, you should be going after 9's and 10's, you got promoted at work, you upgraded your whole life! Yet you don't know you should upgrade your dating life?

Dress like a grown up, because you either are, or that's what she's looking for. Pants, tuck in your shirt, iron that motherfucker, maybe throw a tie on.

Maybe give the college bars a rest, the women that go there are looking for college men, the women that go to higher end places are looking for you! Does it cost more? Is it more exclusive? Let me counter with do you like beautiful, in shape, sophisticated and worldly women?

In life there are rules, here's one, you get what you pay for, (sacrifice for) especially when it comes to experiences.

Your friends, this is a big one, are they going where you're going? Do you have the same goals? Are you helping each other win? Or are you helping each other lose? Sounds harsh, but the biggest barometer for your success in life is who you associate with. So dropping a deadbeat may seem harsh, but wasting your life not accomplishing anything is harsher.

Wings: If your wing can't actually wing you, he refuses to open, cock blocks you, can't control his emotions, steals your targets and is essentially useless or, you spend all your time teaching him, what is the point, of having them as a wing? Maybe as a friend, it works, but if your wing prevents you from reaching the 10's you want, and isn't actively pushing you in that direction, whether as a wing in a bar, a workout buddy, a business partner, then WHAT IS THE POINT?!?


Women: And last but not least, why do you keep going after women that you can do better than? What you don't think they know you can do better? News flash they do, and deep down they hate you for it, because they know, they don't think, they know. They have not earned you.

Now on the other hand you might not know how good you are, which is a legit concern, I find in almost all my students. Which is why you have to keep striving and not stagnate. It is in no one's interest for you to know just how good you are, not for the girls you are going after, they want to keep you with them. Not for your friends, they want to see you do well but not better than them. Not for your wings, same reason as friends.

You: And last but not least, not for the fear that lives inside you, inside all of us. It says keep dressing like a kid, don't go for that promotion, don't try harder, don't go after that 10 and embarrass us, let's stay in this bar we have been going to since college. You know where it is safe. Upping our game just costs too much.

Well it costs so much, because it's worth it.

I hope this has been the kick in the pants that I know a lot of us need.

There's no point getting better and better, if we do not push ourselves.

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