Follow The Rules Pass, Don't Follow The Rules Fail Or You Are Not The One That Will Change Reality


Follow The Rules Pass, Don't Follow The Rules Fail Or You Are Not The One That Will Change Reality

Hello Illuminati,

The Rules

1. Attract

2. Build Comfort

3. She Seduces

When I was young and just entering this world of dating communication, I used to get full of myself (shocking I know)

I would get girls and feel good, so good that after a while I would forget it was following the rules and hard work that got me there.

In my mind it wasn't the rules, it was me, my own pure unadulterated awesomeness, that got me girls. I attracted, but then I thought, what do I need comfort for? She wants me, I want her, I'd try for same night lays and I'd fail, a little at first.

And it gradually got worse because I would care less and less about building comfort.

I don't know if its because I succeeded once in a blue moon, using just attraction, or I succeeded once, using just attraction.

But I got addicted to it.

It became about me, all about me, and there was something wrong with the girls that could be so attracted to me in one moment but wouldn't sleep with me an hour or two right after.

I'm not even joking, there were actual times I thought like that.

Luckily for me when this went on for long enough, eventually I would meet a woman or have a friend, break through and remind me, it's not all about me and I would succeed again.

The process of losing my 'game' did not happen quickly, it creeps up on you, like smoking or a bad diet and no exercise. And ironically what allowed it to happen is, how good I was previously.

So you have a 'sticking point', you've gotten girls before and you just can't replicate it, and you are going into an anger, shame, narcissism spiral, this is a good time to go back to the drawing board.

Attraction First!

Then Comfort!

Those are your jobs, get her wanting you romantically, and be selfless enough, to make being with you make sense, that's it.

No, just using Attraction, because it's fun and all about you.

No, using, Comfort first, that is a one way ticket to confusing her and to the friend-zone.

No, using just Comfort, see above. Just shows you are scared of losing her.

No, trying to Seduce her, it's not going to work, yes, sex is this beautiful collaborative thing, but it's still her job to pick you. Just like it's your job to approach.

You will start to mess up when your ego gets too big or you think you don't need the rules, (same thing) and you will fail till you begin to follow them once more.

Finally don't copy other people's game. Fr'instance, I am mostly attraction but can deliver comfort quickly and efficiently, usually privately. So if you watched me all night you'd see attraction but wonder where the comfort is. It's there and if I'm teaching you, I'll have you sit in and watch me do it.

A lot of people are copying what they see, but it simply won't work for them, if you are a comfort builder and you start primarily using attraction, that's a recipe for disaster.

Our differences are our strength, just follow the rules.