Calm Down Or Calm The F***Down


Calm Down Or Calm The F*&% Down

Hello Illuminati,

I've been turning over in my brain the best, most practical, actionable advice, I can give when dealing with women and life in general.

And I think I have hit on it, we're all told to be cool, to be confident, to be the 'Man' but what does that actually mean?! When you are looking at a beautiful woman that makes your knees weak? Or for the super macho among you a woman you're too afraid to go up and talk to?

(Yes too afraid, you're not too busy, neither is she, no she doesn't have a boyfriend, not that you know of anyway, and no she is not too far away, because if she waved you over you would take off running. (Hopefully to her) Be man enough at least to admit you are afraid, then maybe and only then will you be able to remedy that by being brave. Yes, the only way to deal with fear is not, to not feel it, it is to move forward anyway in spite of it. The rest of this article will help so pay attention.)

If you aren't the 'Man' then, it's not going to suddenly happen. And confidence comes from your assurance in yourself that you can handle a situation, so...prior experience. It's a little late to get prior experience when the moment is happening, you my friend will be getting 'initial' experience, in order to get that you need to not freak out, you need to be brave and a side effect of deciding to be brave is calmness.

The dictionary definition of calm is not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other emotions.

But it's more than that, you can't play an absence my acting teachers would always tell me. So what is calm? Flow? Grace? Pick your definition but everyone on earth instinctively knows it when they see it and they know it is a prerequisite for dealing with whatever problem that comes, head on.

"But Truth, she's not a problem." I hear no one say, "Yea, then why are you experiencing fight or flight?" I answer, just because it's a good problem does not mean it isn't one.

And it's the same for every interaction, be it with women, customers, bosses, students, partners, followers, we all just want to know, you won't “freak out”, because we all instinctively know remaining calm gives you the mental space to deal with a problem, any problem.

In conclusion women and life in general will always try to get a rise out of you. There is even a word for the natural instinct women have to test, and do this to you, it's called a s***test. And while staying calm may not automatically end in a deep beautiful sexual relationship, it does result in respect and moving you one step closer to that goal.