Truth Answers Seddit's Dating Questions 03/26/18

1. What advice has helped you the most on a practical level? -Conspera

2. My gf of 4 yrs just told me that she is with me because she doesn't want to hurt me by breaking up and she will stay with me forever for this reason?? - Needhelp11111111

3. 23 yr old virgin looking for advice on virginity and approaching older women. -Purplenurplethrowout

4. Supposedly an attractive guy, how to start acting like it - Throwawayat1000

5.To those who have done a bootcamp was it worth the money, travel and time? - Slmrxl

6.New to the sub- Question about approaches - Yeslawd

7.Just how powerful is body language reading really? - Newhum

8. Day game: getting numbers but girls are not responding to texts - Formal Nectarine

9.How to tell a girl about your feelings without looking weak or stupid and without fearing rejection so much-Lesultanduswing

10.How to push past last minute resistance. -Daniel