You Are So Money And You Don't Even Know It.


You Are The One's Or You Are So Money And You Don't Even Know It

Hello Illuminati,

Last night was awesome got to teach and hang out with a lot of D.C pua and what I realized was a big part of everyone's sticking point is, you don't know how truly Awesome you are.
I'm serious, if you did, If you saw what I see, your confidence would freaking skyrocket. 
I saw a student go from being afraid to say 'hi', to getting with the hottest girl in the club and then afterwards have strangers come up to him to give him props on it.
I saw a guy that was afraid to be disagreeable literally go from girl to girl, entertaining them, getting numbers, and taking up space like a Boss.
I saw another young man's physical transformation which came about through sheer force of will.
And for the fellas that are not getting a special mention I saw young men, acting like gentlemen interacting with beautiful young women in a non-intrusive and non-aggressive way and the women being grateful they were there.
The point is this, women need to be approached for this dance of life to take place, they just want to be approached right, for goodness sake. Done right it brings joy to the women being approached and happiness to the men approaching.
You are freaking Awesome as you are, all I do is show you and help you believe it. If you can do it on your own, more power to you.

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