Goals Or Sometimes It's Good To Step Back


Goals Or Sometime It's Good To Step Back

Hello Illuminati,

So your Bro, Truth has been drinking and having an amazing time with the young women here in D.C.
As I said it reminded me of Acting School when I was younger, where I drank and had an amazing time with the women at my acting school, and with the women of the great state of New York.
What I know now and didn't know then is this is addictive behavior.
So I have quit the drinking and I'm going to find a girl to date, pick just her and date her, of course I still have to find her wink, wink.
Now this is my goal I am not saying anyone else has to do it, this is my thing, for me.
If dating and bedding multiple women is what you want, see me I can help you with that, no judgments.
If finding the 'one' is what you want, I can help with that too. No judgements. It's all about knowing yourself, everyone is different, there is no right answer.
But what is awesome though is having the choice. That is a gift I believe every guy must give himself. It's no use saying it's wrong to sleep with a lot of women if it's something you can't do.
That's right up there with saying rich people are bad people, and that's why you don't want to be rich. 
In conclusion make good choices and good things happen. As long as you are not actively hurting others you get to decide what those good choice are.

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