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Only 15% of You Are Worth Anything Or Only Half of you get to Reproduce.

Hello Illuminati,

Hope I got your attention.

"Most men do not meet female human standards."

"Women on dating sites rate 85% of men as below average in attractiveness."

"It is Woman as Nature who looks at half of all men and says, "No!"

-12 Rules For Life - Jordan B. Peterson

The use of the word average is hilarious. All things being equal if a woman meets 100 men only 15 are worth bothering with. Now this is every woman, so every woman no matter if she is a 1 or a 10. Applies this standard but adjusts accordingly.
So I guess they are all settling.

And here is the thing, we know this in our cells and women know it too. Which is why every 'no' hurts so much, with every 'no', she is saying you (your genetic material) should not exist (continue in the gene pool) anymore.

So you can hope, to get 'lucky', use "natural game" watch videos and read books till you are blue in the face. You can even go along with society believing in romance and true love conquering all and "it happens when it happens."
Truth is half of you aren't going to have kids. And of that half 85% of you are going to settle. And that stat doesn't change even if every guy on earth has 'game' is a billionaire, chases his passions, is super tall and looks like a supermodel.

And if you don't? If you don't take classes, you don't take this seriously and you're not already in that 15%, you literally aren't even in the game. You're not on the bench, you're watching at home.

I'm not saying I'm your only shot. All I'm doing is telling you the Truth, what you do with it is your business.

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