Falling In Love Is The Future Of Dating Or Sex Addiction Is Just Another Addiction Or Women Want Sex


Falling In Love Is The Future Of Dating Or Sex Addiction Is Just Another Addiction Or Women Want Sex

Hello Illuminati,

Welcome to a very special edition of the blog as you can tell from the title it has to do with the question , "when does sex with different women cross over from a healthy dating life to a sex addiction?" and "What's love got to do with it?" (That's a reference for older readers, Tina Turner, look her up ) But seriously, do we even still want to fall in love with that 'one' person and build our lives around them? Or are we just serial monogamists, going from serious relationship to serious relationship or is monogamy a fake construct designed to raise kids?
Let's start at the beginning I recently moved form VA to D.C, I won't even mention the place because F that place! And D.C is so modern and not as racist and f'd up (Seriously F that place!) that I am living well, my business is blossoming, I have good friends oh and my dating life, has exploded. It reminds me of when I was a kid in acting school. Due to a combination of online dating, proximity to bars and clubs and such a high population of young women and my abilities, I can have sex whenever I want.
Yes this is bragging, but that's not the point, I was so concerned with can I? I never though should I? And I can teach anyone to be able to have this ability as well, the ability to sleep with a woman whenever he wants.
And this is because of dating apps. With competent dating skills, not even high level, but basic in person dating skill, and a phone and a good understanding of dating apps and what strategies to use on different ones (hint, hint, I teach both) anyone could be setting up dates and having sex as quickly as this evening.
Several factors bring this about,

WOMEN'S RIGHTS, giving them money, status and responsibility, which they use to take control of their dating lives, (this just in, memorize it and meditate on it daily, for it will surely blow your mind) 'women want sex just as much or perhaps more than men do, they just need a good reason (excuse), be the good "reason".

APPS: This allows people to date remotely with less fear of rejection and with very little need of dating skills.

BIRTH CONTROL: I know it's been around for a while, but it still bears bringing up. Due to birth control, sex is almost worry free, if you do it right (but alas sex is never worry free).

NO MORE SLUT SHAMING: Slut shaming was how women and some dumb men tried to control women's sexual behavior. Think about it. Public gatherings were the only way women met, viable prospects, but her social group was always present. Now they can be kept completely in the dark as to what a woman is into, until she is ready to share.

There is Tinder, the you both match app, Bumble, the women message you first app, Happn, the match in real life app, and Feeld, the pansexual threesoming app. And Hinge a "relationship app"?
Point is, with a variety of sex with so many people, so readily available why or how would anyone settle down?
Settling down and finding the one used to be the sole female dating strategy, now it's one of many and sex is becoming more accepted and available.
I believe the future of dating communication is helping people find love, because while sex is amazing and more sex is more amazing, there is a point of diminishing returns, i.e where even more sex is not even more amazing, but instead becomes kind of sad.
We all just aren't there yet.

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