Online Dating Guiding Principles Or Guiding Principles Top 10

Online Dating Guiding Principles Or Guiding Principles Top 10

Hello Illuminati,

1. State Your Intention As Early As Possible.
I got this from a woman that messaged me on Bumble, her first message was "Hi there! We should get drinks (cocktail emoji) or (coffee emoji). I was taken aback and very excited to talk to her.
So do your matches a favor and tell them you want to actually meet. That way they can say 'yes' or tell you what they need first.

2. Ask Her Out
If a match or matches are going stale (if either of you dropped the conversation or something) before you unmatch, ask them out, you'd be surprised how many girls are just waiting to be asked out even if you let the flame die.

3. Swiping
Originally I advocated swiping 'yes' on everyone, but I get so many matches it is now starting to be an untenable situation, plus I'm starting to feel bad about unmatching so many women with no explanation. Sorry. My point is adapt your swiping style to what you need.

4. Get Her Number, Text Then Call To Chat
After some comfort ask for her number, after which text , after which call just to chat, you can even tell her as much e.g "I just wanted to hear your voice."

5. Don't Lie
I mean don't try to hide obvious flaws that she is going to find out about anyway the moment she meets you, or comes to your place.
Don't lie about your age.
Your finances.
About your car.
Your past relationships.
Or your living situation.

1. Because she will never be more accepting of you than when she first meets you.
2. You will be thinking about your lies, and appear incongruent and weird.
3. It will draw attention to the fact you are ashamed, and be doubly worse when found out.
4. You will unconsciously sabotage yourself. e.g not ask her over when she wants to be asked over, and not kissing her when she wants to be kissed.

6. Study A Body Language Book
For goodness sake buy, read and study a body language book, it's a language every body (pun intended!) is speaking all the freaking time. 
It's very simple, if you can tell down to the 10th of a second, with any accuracy at all, when a woman is turned on. You are on your way to mastery.

I Repeat if you study nothing else but body language you are half way to putting me out of a job.

7. Disagree (within reason)
Do not back down from your own opinion, just because she disagrees with it, even if she warns you to. It's a trap that leads to never being taken seriously. On the other hand don't scorch the earth trying to win an argument, remember why you are there. Much better to actually listen and state your thoughts, without needing to convince. Worst comes to worst, agree to disagree.

8. Kino
Hug, when you meet, hold her hand(s) as much as you can, and when she gazes at you smiling, go in for the kiss. (Pretend to be really interested in her nail polish. 
"Your hands are cold" or warm. 
How big are your hands? (hold your's up to her's)
Declare a thumb war.

9. Ignore Every Body Else
She expects to talk to you frankly and openly about relationships, romance and sex. She wants a man, so now is not the time to become bashful. But also understand the difference between talking about sex, and foreplay.
If you are revved up before she is, you my friend are screwed, and not in a good way.
Also try not to let people that aren't the both of you get involved in your date, but be polite and tip.

10. Close To Home
I mention this in every list, but the meet HAS to be convenient for somebody, meaning it should be close to either of your homes. 
1. Clean your place before you go out.
2. Have drinks and snacks
3. Have condoms and toilet paper ;)

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